*Zayn’s POV*

Seven in the god damn morning. We got off the plane at seven in the morning in Bradford, and I was tired. I did not sleep well on that stupid plane; however, Kylie was curled into my chest like a baby.

“Coffee.” She mumbled as we passed a Starbucks, letting go of my hand and dragging her feet over there.

“Two venti white chocolate mochas please.” She said quietly, yawning.

“9.42 please.”

“Babe, I only have a five. Money please.” She called over to where I was standing, and I tossed her my wallet. She took a ten out, handing it to the guy at the counter. She put her five in it and threw it back but it landed two feet away. I walked over, grabbing it off the ground.

Kylie handed me my coffee, and I grabbed her hand again, intertwining her fingers with mine. Kylie’s iPhone rang in her pocket and she picked it up.

“Yeah mom, we’re getting our bags. You’re outside? See you in a few. Love you.”

I hauled our bags off the spinning claim, mine black and Kylie’s purple. Rolling them, each in one hand, we walked outside to the car pick up.

Her mom’s blue Mazda CX-9 was across the lot and we walked over, me climbing into the back sea and Kylie in the passenger seat.

“Hi, Ky! I missed you so much! Oh, and Zayn! How are you guys? I’m so glad you’re HOME!” Ashley Carter had always been energetic.  

“Hi, mom.” Kylie leaned over and gave her a hug. “Where’s Amber?” Amber was her little 2 year old half-sister, that her mom had with her step dad.

“At home with Jim.”

Her mom pulled out, driving the 25 minutes back home. We made small talk, listening to a talk show on the radio.

“One Direction’s Zayn Malik getting married?” Kylie turned up the volume on the radio dial.

“Zayn’s girlfriend has been seen at the concert last night wearing a ring on her left hand- are they engaged?” Ashley stared at Kylie’s hand, and gasped.

“Kylie! Why didn’t you tell me? You guys are so young, and-“

“MOM. We’re not engaged. It’s just a promise ring. But isn’t it beautiful?” Kylie smiled, holding her hand up. Her mother glanced at it before turning her eyes back to the road.

“Zayn, you better treat her right.” Ashley said as she pulled into the familiar driveway. I could see my house, only 3 houses away down the street. I was staying in the Carter house for the first night, because my family went out of town. Of course, I could go home and get things or stay there if I wanted, but nobody was home.

“Mom, he always has.” Kylie rolled her eyes, her cheeks pink.

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