*Zayn’s POV*

“Will you take this ring-”

“Oh god.” Kylie sighed, her eyes giant. “Zayn…I…we’re so young…and…”

“I’m not proposing Kylie.” I said quickly, and she relaxed immensely. “It’s a promise ring. I’m not proposing now, but I love you so much and I do plan on it- sometime in the future. Not soon.”

“You scared me so bad.” She said. “I accept your future proposal, but for now I am satisfied.” She grinned as she opened the box, looking at the silver ring that had an infinity sign on it. Inside, there was writing- Now & Forever.

                  “Technically, we’re engaged to be engaged.” I smiled at her as she slipped the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly- I had stolen one of her rings from the bus when I bought it to get sizes.

“I love you.” She said, laying her head on my shoulder.

“I love you more.” I reminded her, and she shook her head.

“Not possible.” Kylie murmured to me.

“You have no idea, Ky.” I said truthfully. I couldn’t even describe it.

“Can I ask you a question?” she said, fixing her brown eyes on my golden ones.

“You just did.”


“Of course, baby.” I said, smiling.

“How did you know you loved me?”

I took in a deep breath. “I was in my room, we were on the phone. I think I was almost 16- I had a crush on you for almost 2 years, but we were talking and you laughed and I realized it was the best sound I ever heard, and I wanted to make you laugh for the rest of my life. I actually surprised myself with that thought- I had never really thought about marrying you but I knew if I didn’t end up with you, I wouldn’t be happy. Whenever you were close to me, I started mentally freaking out over what you were thinking. Sometimes, I still do. I could talk about you for hours without even realizing. I wanted to be with you constantly. I wanted- and still want-  to be with you forever.”

“Aww, that was so corny and adorable. But, why me? You’re so perfect, you treat me like a princess-”

“You are a princess.” I answered automatically.

“I’m just Kylie. I’m nothing special. Just a plain girl. You can literally have any girl in the world, you have girls falling over you constantly, and you choose me.” She insisted.

“You’re everything I want.” I said simply.

“But I-”

“You’re perfect.” I interrupted.

She was smiling, twirling her hair around her finger. “Seriously. I’m not smart, or funny, or beautiful. I don’t get it.”

In response, I leaned in and kissed her. We were kissing sweetly, and she deepened it. I let her tongue explore my mouth and I felt her pushing me back on the bed, her hands tangled in my hair. She was kissing me frantically, and I pulled away.

“Zaaayn. Not tonight again.” She groaned, and I laughed.

“Nothing’s happening until you say you’re beautiful.” I said.

“You are beautiful.” She told me.

“Say I, Kylie Maria Carter, am beautiful.”

“It’s not true.” Kylie insisted. I didn’t get it- she was drop dead gorgeous, how did she not see that?

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