~Five Years Later~

*Zayn’s POV*

It was our last show of the tour, and I was practically hopping. Not only was it our last show, but I also had something very special planned. I was 24 years old; I had had my whole lifetime to think over this decision. Tonight was definitely the night, and I was so nervous I was shaking.

“Calm down,” Kylie said, her hands rubbing circles into my back. “You’ve performed thousands of times before, why are you so nervous?”

“It’s just… this might be our last tour ever. Now that Liam and Danielle have Myla, and all of our fans are growing up, we don’t really need any more tours. I don’t think we’re putting out another album.” I was nervous for that reason, but it sure as hell wasn’t the main one.



“I love you.” I smiled like an idiot back at her, butterflies still running rampant. Almost six years together, not counting that brief period when we broke up, and I was still head-over-heels whipped for this girl.

“I love you more.” I went in for a kiss, right as the door to the dressing room opened and the rest of the band walked in.

“Get a room.” Harry said, sticking his tongue out and pretending to gag.

“Z, we have to go onstage.” Liam said, as practical as always and pretending he didn’t see anything. He knew the plans for the night, they all did.

“Alright.” A fresh round of butterflies ran through my stomach, making me feel like I was going to throw up (in a good way).

“Good luck babe. I love you.” Kylie pecked my lips once more, and after she wished good luck to everyone else, vanished into wherever she usually goes during the concerts.

The boys wrapped their arms around me, making me disappear into a tangled hug of limbs and sweaty 20-something year olds.

*Kylie’s POV*

I was sitting on the side of the stage, where I could see everything except for the side of the stage closest to me. Myla, Liam and Danielle’s 8-month-old daughter,was rolling around on a multi-colored play mat, staring up at the mirror in the top of the contraption. She was under my care for the concert, because Danielle went out to dinner with a friend who lives in the area.

The boys were starting their song, “Always”, which was one of my favorites and usually the second-to-last song for the concerts. I sat cross-legged and sung softly along, picking Myla up and holding her in my lap as her face started to crumple. I didn’t want her to cry, I didn’t want to have to leave before this song was over.

“And I swear, I will love you for always.” Harry’s melodic voice rang out, hitting the longest note in the song perfectly (as per usual).  I attempted (and failed) to sing the same note, managing to sound like a dying cat even though I could sing sometimes. I had none of the talent these five boys possessed.

“Okay, guys, I’m going to call someone very special out. The last time I did something like this was forever ago, and it’s the same girl. Kylie?” Zayn took over the stage, all the boys taking a few steps back. This was planned, whatever it was.

I smoothed out my black cotton dress, pulling the bottom of my short jean jacket down so it looked halfway normal. My hair was down and messy and awful-looking, and I had Myla sitting on my hip as I walked out because I couldn’t just leave her there.

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