*Zayn’s POV*

“Never again. I will never ever hurt you again, you’re my world.” I told her honestly, and her eyes lit up. She grabbed my hand as the boys started back towards the bus, and I pulled away.

Kylie frowned at me, and I stopped in the middle, bending my knees a little.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“Get on.” I commanded, and she giggled.

She jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my upper chest, so she wasn’t choking me. I put my arms on her legs so she wouldn’t fall. I walked out with her on my back, being screamed at by fans.




“LET’S HAVE SEX!” I laughed at this one.

I waved with one hand, holding Kylie’s legs with the other.


“THANK YOU!” Kylie yelled, kissing my cheek.

“KYLIE CARTER IS A SLUT!” I whipped around so fast Kylie almost flew sideways. The screams died down as I looked around.

“Just keep walking.” Kylie said in my ear, and I growled lowly.

“WHOEVER SAID THAT IS NOT A TRUE DIRECTIONER AND IS ALSO A LIAR.” Louis said, running out of nowhere (actually, he ran out of the bus.) and pulling my shoulder forward, urging me to keep walking.

“BYE GUYS!” I yelled as we stepped on the bus.

“WE LOVE YOU ZAYLIE!” screams called.

“I’m. So. Pissed.” I spat, dropping the fake smile as we shut the door in the bus.

“It’s fine, Zaynie. Random people calling me a slut doesn’t bother me.” She said, smiling lightly, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Random people. I wasn’t a random person.

My heart panged guiltily. I was an extreme asshole, no matter how many times Kylie says that she forgives me, I will never forgive myself. I guess part of the reason I got so angry at the ‘fan’ for calling her that, was because I did. And I never ever wanted her to hear that word again, especially not mixed with her own name.

“It’s not true, and I love you.” I said, wrapping my arms around her.

“Awh!” Harry said in a girl voice, and I pulled back from Kylie and shot him the finger, smiling.

“I’m going to bed.” Liam yawned, and we all waved. I flicked on the TV and leaned back, Kylie resting her head in the crook of my neck.

Half an hour later, Niall was asleep on the floor, curled in a ball, Harry was asleep on Louis, and Lou was dozing, going in and out of consciousness. Kylie was awake, her fingers playing with mine.

“Go to your bed.” I poked Lou and Harry, but having a soft spot for Ni, I just picked him up and difficulty climbed the ladder to his top bunk, softly putting him down.

I went back to the living room. Kylie was flipping channels and she settled on Finding Nemo, which had started about 15 minutes ago, Marlin was just meeting Dory. She smiled at me as I sat down next to her again.

“Ky. I know you don’t want to hear this again but I am so sorry. First of all, I should’ve been there for you. I’m a jealous dick head. I want you to have my baby someday- no rush at the moment.” I smirked. “And secondly, the word I called you was totally uncalled for. I will never ever understand why I said that to you. You are not, nor will you ever be, one of those. I love you so much.”

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