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Throwing her line into the water Juliet put her pole into the ground between two rocks and then grabbed the cast net. She maneuvered it so well between her fingers that Delilah couldn't help but smile. "You look like you do this often."

"My dad takes me fishing all the time. He likes it because he traps me on boat for a couple of hours so he can talk to me about the dangers of credit cards." Juliet looked at the water to decide where she wanted to throw it.

"My dads more of a golfing kind of guy."

Looking down at the woman who laid out her towel on the rock Juliet squinted her eyes at the sun. "Do you not fish?"

"I don't know how." She responded spraying some sunscreen on her long smooth arms.

Juliet didn't respond as she watched her pole bend slightly. Looking past it she arched her brows seeing her father try to help Cole who had caught his hook in the rocks. "Would you like to?"

Delilah smiled slightly and got up, "I would love too." Taking the pole Juliet handed her she bit her lip as the brunette guided her hands to where they needed to go. "Is there a fish already on there?" She asked watching the end of the pole move.

"Sure is." Putting her finger on the line she watched the water carefully, "when you feel it pull, raise the pole up really fast and then start reeling." She smiled and took the handle, "You have to hold it the right way first."

"Oh." Delilah laughed and put her sunglasses up to concentrate. "What are we supposed to do when we catch it?"

She shrugged, "Have some sushi."

Scrunching her nose Delilah wondered if she even wanted to fish, the only thing keeping her there was Juliet's smooth hand on top of hers. Suddenly feeling a pull she did as she was told and started pulling the fish in. It was harder than she thought as the muscles from the fish fought back, but soon it was at the surface gasping for air.

Looking at it closely Juliet smiled, "Its a carp!" Grabbing the fish with both hands she got up from her knees and showcased it. "Do you want to hold it?"

"I'd rather not." Delilah whispered seeing it's pleading eyes. "Can we throw it back?"

Juliet laughed and held it by the mouth, "yes." Pulling the hook out easily she surveyed the fishes scales.

"What are you girls doing?"

Looking up Juliet's eyes widened making herself slip, dropping the fish back into the water as she did so.

"Oh baby girl are you ok?" Scarlet reached down and let her hand hang.

Looking up at the woman with a full face of make up and black bikini she swallowed a knot in her throat and nodded taking her hand.

"I don't want you to hit your bad knee again." Freezing as the blondes hand ran down her leg Juliet looked over at Delilah who crossed her arms and kept her jaw tight.

Looking at Juliet's sunburn across her shoulders and chest Scarlet smiled knowing exactly what she was doing, "Sweetie could you get me a chair?"

Wanting to argue Delilah watched her father walk over so she rolled her eyes and went to the shade where their stuff was.

"You look beautiful." Scarlet whispered brushing her hair back.

Gulping seeing her husband right behind her Juliet raised an eyebrow and lowered her voice, "What are you doing?"

Smiling as an answer Scarlet tried to ignore her husband.

"I thought you hated fishing?" Cole asked putting some bait on his hook.

"Does it look like I'm fishing?"

Not responding he took his pole and went over to his spot with JJ.

"Your moms not here today?"

"She wanted to watch some shows." Juliet answered grabbing her net again.

"It looks like it just us three." Delilah interjected throwing the chair on the ground and laying on her blanket.

Narrowing her eyes Scarlet picked it up and set it closer to Juliet. "That sounds great."

Moving to the side Juliet tried ignoring the scene as she threw the large net into the water. It spread into a perfect circle and disappeared down the water as she started pulling it back up to the surface.

Not hiding her eyes Scarlet tilted her head as she watched Juliet bend down and untangle the net. Pulling small crabs and perch from it and throwing them into a cheap bucket she found.

"Juliet helped me catch a huge fish." Delilah commented taking her shirt off to show her own colorful bikini.

Clearing her throat Juliet shook the bucket and counted the creatures she got in one load. Glancing up she furrowed her brows seeing her dad and Cole taking off their shirts and and step into the water with their poles. "Why is everyone taking off clothes?" She whispered to herself.

"You'll have to teach me next."

"Sure." Juliet answered dropping the fish back into the water one by one.

"And then maybe we can go swimming together." Delilah suggested.

"Well I was thinking we could get dinner together."

"She won't have time for that if we decide to get ice cream."

Rolling her eyes Juliet looked over at girl sitting at the pier. Her fair flowed back beautifully and her dress was brighter than the sun. Getting up she walked over and sat next to the woman. "Hi."

Lifting her sunglasses again Delilah watched her. "What the hell is she doing?"

Scarlet watched her sit down next to the stranger and shake her hand. They smiled at each other kindly and Scarlet rolled her eyes. Getting out of her seat she went over the their bench, "Juliet get over here."


"We're having a conversation." The Spanish girl said batting her long beautiful eyelashes.

"Well you can have a conversation with my wife another time." Grabbing her arm Scarlett pulled her back to their spot. She tried avoiding the girl's eyes since she said the word wife. Turning her the blonde looked into her eyes and sighed, "I get your point."

Juliet raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry I'll stop."

Nodding the brunette shrugged her away and grabbed her net. She stopped and looked back with a smile, "You look beautiful too."



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