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Sitting quietly with her head in her hands Juliet watched her toes move up in her shoes as she shifted back and forth on top of her suitcase. She had been ready for the past hour and waiting for thirty minutes more. Somehow she couldn't go back inside though.

As much as she knew all of this was a bad idea she had to admit...she was excited.

Seeing a black car pull up slowly to the front of her house Juliet changed her expression to be slightly annoyed. She couldn't let the woman know she was happy to see her.

Rolling down her window Scarlet took of her sunglasses and looked at the girls luggage. "No bikini yet?"

Rolling her eyes and opening the backseat Juliet started putting her bags in dropping some things accidently. Shoving everything in and closing the door she slipped into the front seat almost falling in because of her slippery sandels.

Closing her eyes annoyed she braved herself for whatever annoying words were coming.

"You didn't have to fall for me that fast."

There it was."Can we just go please."

Putting the car into drive and getting on the road Mrs. Wright said nothing as she stared forward. Her dark sunglasses masking her blank eyes.

Juliet tried to sneak.glances at the woman but looked away quickly whenever there was a chance to be caught.

Silently they drove for a full hour, both woman seemed to be to stubborn to be the first to talk so the young girl finally gave in. "Do you have any water?"

Not looking away from the road the blonde pulled out a water bottle from her door and handed it over. "I drank out of it earlier sorry."

Taking it and wondering how she felt about drinking another person's water she cleared her throat and looked out at the busy road. Cars flew by as Scarlet passed them impatiently. Putting the bottle to her mouth she took a couple chugs trying not to show her Immedtiate pleasure from her thirst being quenched.

"Bump." She whispered.

"What?" Feeling the car hit something hard Juliet's water flew all over her, wetting her dress and face. Looking over at the woman angrily the brunette wiped her mouth.

"I said bump." Scarlet reasoned letting the left side of her lips curl up. Looking over at the girl her slight grin turned into a smile. "Why are you always so angry with me?"

Rolling her eyes and looking back out the window Juliet tried answering that question in her head, but she couldn't really think of an answer. Why was she so mad everytime those blue eyes looked at her? They were having an affair together sure, but that took both of their consent.

"Are you angry because you like me?"

Laughing loudly Juliet waved off her comment, "I'm not angry, and even if I was it's not because I like you."

Nodding the older woman took a deep breathe in and turned on the radio.

Furrowing her brows Juliet turned the radio off, "You're done with the conversation apparently?"

"You seemed to be."

Narrowing her eyes Juliet nodded and turned the radio back on. The sounds of an announcer filled the car as he tried to get people to win a sweepstakes. Juliet tried to ignore his excited voice as she crossed her arms and looked out the window but it was too loud. She reached over and pushed the button one more time turning it off.

Looking at the radio and then at the girl Scarlet clicked her tongue, "I was really hoping to get that boat."

Biting down on her tongue so she wouldn't smile Juliet tapped her fingers on her own skin.

"What's wrong?"

Peering over at the blonde who still stared at the road Juliet looked at her manicured nails and cleaned the dirt out from under them. "I just wish I knew what you were thinking."


She shrugged.

Hearing the hum of the car speed up as Scarlet passed another car she leaned her head back slightly. "These days I catch myself thinking about you."

Snapping her surprised face over to the woman Juliet furrowed her brows before realizing she was serious. "What do you mean?"

"I mean.." Scarlet stopped and processed her words. It was almost as if she admitted that accidently and not by choice. "You're interesting."

Laughing nervously the girl shook her head, "I'm really not."

"I guess sometimes I wonder why-" Scarlet paused passing another car before continuing, "you wanted to meet me at that hotel."

Juliet couldn't make out her facial expressions because of her sunglasses so she watched the older woman's lips carefully.

"You're so young and beautiful, I just wonder why you agreed to do something so personal with me, a middle aged woman who isn't happy."

"I don't know." She answered honestly."I just know I was drawn to you." She continued "Do I make you happy?" Juliet asked with a low quite voice.

Bracing herself by holding onto steering wheel at ten and two Scarlet nodded.

"Well then here's the facts." Looking straight ahead the brunette tried to gather her thoughts. "We are two humans who are strangely attracted to each other even though all the odds are against us. So where do we go from here?"

"We keep having the best sex imaginable." Scarlet answered with all seriousness.

Taking the last drink of her water Juliet nodded. "Unbutton your pants."

The woman raised her eyebrows, "I'm driving."

"I'm aware." Unbuckling her seat belt Juliet reached over and nibbled on the blondes ear, "I just want to go for a ride."

Leaning her seat back as she stared forward at the road Scarlet swallowed the dryness in her throat as she felt her pants being unbuttoned. She watched the other cars carefully as she tried not to think about the fact Juliet's tongue pushed it's way into her. She spread her legs to make everything more excessble but she couldn't stop the car with them being on the interstate.

Gasping as her tongue finally found its way to where it needed to be Mrs. Wright let her left hand stay firmly on the wheel as her other hand reached over and grabbed the girls ass. She pulled her sundress up and ran her hand along her skin making herself more wet.

Moving her hand back up She held the girls hair and moaned feeling all her nerves dance around. Shooting pleasure up and down her body.

Entangling her fingers in the brunettes hair Scarlet looked down for a few seconds and smiled seeing her head buried in her.

Even though the angle was awkward and Juliet was having to work extra hard it felt so good that Scarlet eventually pushed the girl deeper as she licked ryhmatically and moaned loudly feeling her body tense up and release all the powerful feelings at once.

She let her mouth stay open for a few seconds after as she stared out the window. Coming to a stop light she closed her eyes and adjusted her sunglasses as the girl sat back in her seat and put her seat belt back on.

Glancing over at her as she buttoned her pants back up Scarlet shook her head when Juliet gave a strong wink.


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