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Letting her fingers skim over the cool pool water Juliet listened to the sounds of the ripples and enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun hit her back. She ha the whole summer to relax and she was planning on doing just that.

"Sweetie you better flip over."

Doing as her mother suggested she careful adjusted her body on the long pool floaty and successfully laid on her back. Looking over at her mother who also sat in the sun to tan she wondered when she would be at that point in her life. Her mother was enjoying the time she had with her now retired father by spending her days relaxing and watching him barbecue.

"Medium rare sweet cakes?"

"Yes, please." Juliet answered seeing her dad check the Steaks before closing the grill once more and sitting on his chair hidden away in the shade.

"I haven't seen you talk to any of your little friends, how are they?"

"Busy." Juliet looked at their backyard through her yellow tinted shades. "Most of them have left for college already."

"Well I think it's a great idea to take a few months off before you go." Her mother chimed in Sipping on her iced wine cooler. "You deserve some time off. Everyone is so busy now a days."

Smiling slightly Juliet realized how lucky she was, her parents provided a lot. From the house she slept in to the black swimsuit that she wore.

Feeling like she sun was finally becoming too much Juliet took her shades off and slipped herself into the pool head first. It was freezing compared to her warm body but it was absolutely refreshing at the same time.

Floating at the surfice she could hear her father's radio turn on as he opened up the grill again letting all the the smoke out.

"Before I forget Juliet, I have some numbers written down that you need to call and say thank you too." Putting her book away her mother slid on her Sandle's and walked over to the side of the pool. "Don't procrastinate."

Taking the paper Juliet hung on to the side and slid her sunglasses up to observe the names. "Why do I need to tell them thank you?"

"Because they came to your party and left gifts. You need to be respectful." Her mom walked back over to her chair and picked up where she left off on her book. "My mother would have made me personally go see everyone."

Opening the paper and scanning the names Juliet froze seeing the woman's name that she couldn't get out of her head. Scarlet Wright. Looking over to see if her parents paid any attention to her the young girl grabbed her phone that was hidden in her towel and put the woman's number into her contacts.

To tell her thank you of course.

Once she saved the name Juliet closed her eyes and let her body fall back into the water.

She didn't want to think about the woman and she definitely didn't want to think about what she offered but she couldn't stop.

She wasn't sure if it was curiosity or wonder but she couldn't stop picturing the bare woman in her brain.

Juliet knew she was older but she was beautiful.

Thinking about her husband Mr. Wright Juliet opened her eyes underwater and realized she was running out of air.

Swimming to the surface and taking a big breathe the brunette wiped the water off her face and pulled herself out over the side.

"Sweet cakes where are you going?"

Drying her hair the young girl tried thinking of a good excuse. "You brought up a good point. I'm going to go say bye to Daisy before she leaves for college tomorrow."

"Alright I'll stick your food in the microwave so you can eat it tonight."

"Love you guys."

Sprinting to her room and running her shower Juliet threw her clothes out of the closet trying to pick the right thing to wear.

Once she had everything laid out she quickly washed the chlorine off of her body and dried her hair. Grabbing her purse she threw some make up and last minute items in before getting into her car. She didn't know what she was doing but she couldn't stop herself.

Long Beach luckily was a big city with a lot of ways to hide who you are and loose yourself in the crowd. That was exactly what she wanted to do.

Pulling into a hotel parking lot where not a lot of people seemed to be Juliet grabbed her stuff and walked in confidently. Trying to make herself seem taller than she actually was.

"Hello welcome to the Sunset Inn. How may I help you?" The man said a little too sarcastically.

Looking around nervously she took out her cash. "I need a room for one night."

Looking her up and down he took the cash and started counting it. "King bed I assume?"

Nodding Juliet tapped her fingers and situated the top of her yellow sundress.

Chewing his gum slower the man raised his eyebrows as he put her information into the computer. "Room 56."

Taking the key Juliet put her purse over her shoulder and walked over to the office area where a home telephone sat. Figuring it was best to use that instead of her own phone the brunette held it to her ear and put in the number slowly.

Looking around as it ringed her heart sped up as she heard a suttle "hello." from the other end.

"Mrs. Wright?" Tensing up she held the phone tightly.

"Ms. Young?" She replied almost mocking her.

"I-" rubbing her eyes she looked behind her again before turning and lowering her voice. "I'm at the Sunset Inn. Do you know where that is?"

There was a moment of silence before the woman replied. "Yes."

Trying not to fumble over all her words Juliet looked behind her again. "I have a room."

"Are you calling me off of their phone?"

"Yes." Running her hand through her still slightly wet hair the young girl covered her face with her hands embarrassed at how nervous she was.

"I'll be there in ten minutes. What room?"

"56." Pausing she let her leg bounce slightly before continuing. "Should I go to the room or should I wait for you?"

"You can go to the room Juliet."

"OK see you soon." Hanging up the phone and grabbing her purse again the nervous girl walked past the front desk. "Going to my room." She laughed slightly."By myself."

Flipping his magazine page the front desk man raised his eyebrows and smiled watching her get in the elevator. "Have a good evening ma'am." He rolled his eyes once the doors closed. She was a mess.


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