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the overwhelming feeling that sexual pleasure gives you is unlike anything else. You can feel it through your body, from every nerve and brain cell. Most people find it so personal that they refuse to do it with anyone other than one person forever and some people want to do it with as many people as possible, but either way it is more than just the pleasure.

For Juliet this wasn't her first time, in high school she had lost her virginity to a boy who was so normal he screamed small town business owner, but she wanted to know and so did he.

They waited until her parents were busy and they snuck up to her room and locked the door. He was so scared of hurting her that it took a while for him to go completely inside, but when he did it lasted a whole ten seconds before he pulled back out and gasped seeing the blanket destroyed by his pleasure.

It wasn't disappointing but that was her first.

She never did anything else like that again because it wasn't exciting. She hadn't even thought about it.

Then her neighbor suggested something she had would have never seen herself doing.

It was so irresistible that it took all of 24 hours for her to make a decision. That decision led to many positions, but the one she sat in now was her hands tied together with a shirt and secured on the headboard. Her legs spread apart as Scarlet Wright took her time attaching them to the bottom of the bed with a sheet.

In That moment she laid there totally helpless with a woman she had met ONCE.

When Scarlet got on top of her and took her roughly there was nothing Juliet could do but lay there and take it.

She didn't feel awkward or wrong she felt free.

The woman's blonde hair surrounded her as she licked the young girl's body and examined all the places she wanted touch.

There was no words at all. It was almost total silence until Scarlet decided she wanted more and started taking what she wanted.

The creeks of the bed turned into moaning.

And the moaning turned into screaming.

Her neighbor didn't bother silencing her either. She let her scream loudly as she went inside of her and waited until she was on the very edge of pleasure. Then she would stop.

By then she was just as ready to feel the pleasure but she was a tad bit more patient than the girl.

Juliet tried moving as much as she could to keep the feeling alive. Thrashing her arms and legs that were still secured begging to be takin care of.

It didn't help that there was a knock at the door in the middle of it all.

Leaving the helpless girl Scarlet grabbed a robe from the bathroom and swung the door open without any shame.

Her hair was messy and her eyes still hungry. The delivery man gulped nervously and tried not to look at the girl tied to the bed. Grabbing the ticket he stumbled over his words. "I'm guessing you're not Steve."

Scarlet raised an eyebrow, "Sadly, no."

Grinning slightly he became a little more confident and decided it was ok to stare. He moved himself over slightly to get a better look in the room. "I could maybe join if you'd like?"

Tilting her head and looking over at Juliet who was still laying bare the blonde woman could tell she was still craving more. "You want to join?"

The young man became and excited and nodded stepping one foot inside.

Stopping him with a hand on his chest Scarlet bent down slightly to look him in his eyes. "Do you look like that girl?"

Gulping again he shook his head.

"Then I don't think you're my type." Pushing him back so he wasn't in the room anymore the older woman slammed the door and walked back over to the bed where she dropped the robe. She finally decided enough was enough and they both needed their pleasure.

It was sweaty, rough, and dirty as they both screamed in pleasure. Letting their rolling orgasms take over their body as the two woman
Became closer than they ever had to anyone else.

Once they were done Scarlet didn't take her time to talk or lay there. She untied the girl and walked over to the window to drink her water.

The young girl only laid for a minute after as she decided she needed to get up.

Juliet held her eyes together tightly afraid to look up at the mirror. Her throat felt swollen and caught as she tried not to cry. She would feel stupid if she cried, but somehow she was overwhelmed with emotion.

Opening her eyes and blinking a few times her heart dropped seeing her reflection. Her lips were swollen and twice the size they were only a few hours ago.

Lifting her fingers up she felt how hot they were so she followed the trace of lipstick that smeared all the way to her cheek.

Letting her eyes keep searching she admired her messy hair. Flipping the strands to show her neck she cursed within herself seeing large red marks from her neighbor sucking so hard the blood vessels popped. It wasn't sore but it looked bad.

Rubbing the spots trying to get them to go away she finally looked over at the woman who stared out the window at the night life. What was she thinking? Watching her grab her white shirt she started sliding it over her bare back.

Making herself look away Juliet threw water in her face and let the water drip off of the brim of her nose.

Finally wiping herself dry she went back into the room and stood there silently as her neighbor slipped her wedding ring back on. Her lips were swollen as well but her face still sat emotionless.

Even when she walked over and looked her up and down Scarlet said nothing as she left the hotel room.

Realizing she was alone Juliet sat on the edge of the bed that squeecked slightly. She didn't know how to feel, because she felt everything at once.

Alone, guilty, pleased, and happy.


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