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Please be mindful that this story contains sexual assault and forced sexual acts, this can be a very triggering topic and I don't recommend you read this story if it might effect you in a negative way.♥️

"Oh sweetie you are so burnt." Scarlet whispered running her hand carefully along the girl's shoulder to her collar bone. Lifting her up a little further the blonde let her eyes gaze up and down as she really appreciated what she had in front of her.

"I don't want to leave." Juliet finally spoke.

Tilting her head the older woman smiled at her long eyelashes that flowed down as she keeper her eyes closed and leaned on the wall. The girl was definitely enjoying being held and took advantage of how close she was to her lover. "Well I was thinking when we get home maybe I can take you on a date."

Juliet fluttered one eye opened, "A date?"

She nodded with her bright smile showing her teeth.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Not anywhere with oysters that's for sure."

Juliet rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around the tall woman's neck laying her head in its familiar spot. "Any time away from you is too long."

Taking a deep breathe in Scarlet held her hand on the girl's head and kissed the top of her head. She never imagined feeling this way. "Hey don't worry, one day you're going to come visit me and I just won't let you leave."

"Kidnapping?" Juliet asked kissing the blondes lips quickly. Each time a little rougher. "I guess as long as you feed me."

Blushing slightly the blonde raised an eyebrow, "I haven't even stolen you her and you have Stockholm Syndrome." Looking at her watch Scarlet sighed. "It's time to go."

Listening to the voices outside the restroom Juliet nodded slowly.

"I'll text you ok?"

Pushing her lips together tightly as the blonde kissed her cheek and sat her down Juliet stared at the floor unable to look up at the older woman who fixed her hair before unlocking the door. "I love you."

"I love you too." Juliet whispered watching her leave. Sighing she paced around the restroom for a few moments before leaving the small space and closing the door quietly.

"Juliet this damn thing ate my money."

"Uh oh." Was all she could say as she watched Cole hit the side of the vending machine.

"Could you help maybe? That was all the ones I had."

Looking around the corner to the waiting area where her family talked Juliet nodded. "What do you want?"

"Just a water." He stepped back and bit his lip as she pushed the buttons.

"I heard about it not working out with Delilah, I'm sorry."

Juliet watched the arms of the machine move and slowly drop the bottle. "It's alright."

"More fish in the sea." He added laughing lightly. "I'm uh getting a divorce so I guess it's just not working out for anyone."

Not responding Juliet bent down and grabbed the water for him. "It'll get better." Handing it over to him Juliet jumped feeling his hand wrap around hers. "I've had a wonderful time with your family."

Smiling slightly the brunette looked down as he patted her hand.

"You really have grown into a beautiful woman."

Feeling her heart drop Juliet pulled back trying to get free, "I think I'm going to-"

"You wouldn't have been happy with Delilah anyhow." He held tighter and looked at her face with a clenched jaw. "She's a good girl but you are a woman Juliet and you need a man."

Furrowing her brows the young girl swallowed a knot in her throat.

"You are just-." He looked her up and down and shaked his head. "Woman like you need man."

"Mr. Wright please let me go."

He kept shaking his head and staring at her face. "Let's go to the bathroom. I promise I won't tell your parents."

Trying to pull away again Juliet's eyes began to tear. She did not like this at all. Resisting hard enough to make it to the corner Juliet opened her mouth to scream but a hand covered her only option of SOS. She felt his other arm wrap around her waist and pick her up.

She thrashed and kicked but he led her to the private room so quickly there was nothing she could do. His strength was primal and filled with adrenaline.

And her strength gave out as her head hit the same wall that Scarlet leaned her on earlier so softly and delicately.

She did feel the pants she wore come down and her shirt rip apart but soon she felt nothing.

Her mind went black as her consciousness suffered from the blow to her head.

His sweat and hairy arms manipulating her limp body.

Her beautiful brunette silk curls falling to each side.

His grunts.

Her silence.

The perfume that rubbed off on her from Scarlet slowly faded away.


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