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Pushing herself until she was at the top of the Streets peak Juliet felt her sweat trickle down her sideburns. Putting her left foot down and taking deep breathes from all the effort she had put in to getting there the brunette took out her headphones and examined the nice houses that her street had.

Patting her damp forehead she put her music back in and turned the volume up.

Ever since she was a little girl going down the hill was her favorite part.

Licking her dry lips and readjusting the grips of her handles Juliet closed her eyes and placed her dirty sneakers back on the pedals once she pushed herself off.

Just like that she felt like she was flying. Her hair flew back against the wind and her sun kissed skin felt cool against the breeze. She even smiled feeling her heart flutter like a butterflies wing as the bike went faster.

Lifting her legs up and leaning back Juliet sang along to the song loudly not caring if anyone could hear.

That stopped when a white Chevy truck started backing out of its driveway, suddenly pausing the freedom the bike gave to her.

Jumping out of his vehicle the man ran over as fast as his legs could go. "Juliet are you ok!?"

Blinking a few times as she realized what happened. The young girl pushed herself up to her knees wincing slightly.

"Juliet what hurts? can you stand?"

Blocking the sun from shining in her eyes she looked up at the man, "I'm ok Mr. Wright." Taking his hand and standing on her feet slowly she held her stomach and looked down at her bloody knee. "It's just a scratch."

Rubbing his balding head he patted her back and laughed relieved at the fact she was ok. The dent on the side of his new truck was disappointing but he tried not to look at it. "My wife can fix you up, or I can call an ambulance if you want!"

She held her hand out, "That's alright Mr. Wright thank you. I'm ok." Picking up her bike that sat folded almost in half she held her stomach again not wanting to show her pain.


Knowing whose voice called for her she lost the grip to her ride and dropped it by accident. Only a few days ago that voice moaned into her ears. She didn't expect to hear it again so soon.

"Come here."

Feeling the bike being taken away from her she nodded at the man as a thank you while he put it in the back of his truck.


Hearing her voice change to be a little more demanding she finally turned towards the woman who stood on the front porch.

Seeing her fingers raise up and motion for her to go to her Juliet did just that. Limping through the green grass nervously she stared forward as Mr. Wright walked behind her.

Coming closer to the blonde woman with a drink in her hand she felt the butterflies from earlier flutter back.

Once she made it up the steps Scarlet looked her in her eyes. Not looking away as she bent down slowly. "You took a beating."

"It was my fault. I feel horrible."

"I'm ok really." Juliet laughed trying to make the man feel better. Tensing up when she felt the woman's hand touch her she clenched her jaw.

"I'll need to clean this cut out."

"I saw her holding her stomach you'll need to check that too." Mr. Wright stated crossing his arms, "She's trying to play the hero and not show her pain." Leaning over he examamend the girl, "She has some bruising on her neck too."

Standing up slowly the woman's blue eyes didn't show a reaction even though she knew where those bruises came from. "I can take care of it from here, I don't want you to be late sweetie."

Looking at the man and then back at Scarlet Juliet cleared her throat trying not to look uncomfortable. It felt odd for the woman to use a pet name and say a sentence that had even one remotely nice thing in it. Especially when she looked at her as she said it to him.

"If you need me call, ok? I'll have my phone on." Giving a tight smile he rubbed the girl's back and kissed his wife's cheek.

Watching him leave Juliet turned back to the blonde slowly.

"Being rammed by me wasn't enough you had to get hit by a truck too?"

"You have jokes!" The girl rolled her eyes and walked into the house. "Where are your paper towels? I would hate to stay too long and be a bother."

Closing her front door the blonde pointed to the kitchen. "You aren't a bother."

Tearing off some pieces Juliet tried avoiding eye contact so she could continue proving her point. Wetting them she knew the woman was watching her. "Thank you for the help, I'll be going now."

Stepping in front of her and crossing her arms the blonde didn't say anything but glanced over to the cabinet.

"Listen MRS. Wright. I don't have time to play charades."

Raising an eyebrow Scarlet still seemed unimpressed.

Swallowing her nerves she stood looking up at her. Trying not to back down.

"Well let me be more clear." As she walked forward Juliet finally gave in and backed up. "Go sit on my cabinet before I make you."

Feeling hands wrap around her waist to help lift her up the brunette pressed her lips together and watched Scarlet go to her bar. She grabbed a bottle and took a quick swig before walking back over and simply tilting it. The clear liquid poured out onto the girl's knee making her grit her teeth and yell in pain.

Watching her Scarlet stopped and watched the liquid run down her leg soaking her socks and running into the floor. Moving her own foot away so she wouldn't get any on her she put the bottle back down. "I've never seen anyone so happy to go down a hill."

"Because I don't think you've ever been happy." Juliet murmured jumping down to the floor. Slipping slightly she looked into the eyes of the woman who caught her so effortlessly.

"That's not true." Standing the younger girl back on her feet she sighed. "Let me get you a band aid."

"That's ok I can get one at my house."

Looking down at her feet as Juliet's shoes squeaked against the tile floor Scarlet closed her eyes, "Wait." Hearing the squeak stop she looked up and through the small crack that showed her standing in the hallway. "Stay?"

Surprised at her question Juliet scanned the older woman's face but saw no answers as she looked back at floor. "Ok."


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