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Sticking out her tongue as she tried to get the frame perfect Scarlet stepped down from the stool and crossed her arms. "It's crooked isn't it?"

Looking across the room Juliet narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, "I think it looks great." She smiled at the blonde before turning her attention back to the trim that she painted very carefully with her brush. "Anything looks better than those horrible pictures of race cars and golf carts."

Leaning back on the wall Scarlett looked at her house that was finally tuning into something she was proud of, there wasn't a truck out front anymore and she felt like she was home when walked through. Bring long her attention to the girl she looked her up and down with a large smile. Her body shape in her work leggings showed through her curled up t-shirt which made her feel so many things that she had to cross her legs too.

She watched her for a moment longer and smiled seeing her get on her tippy toes as she concentrated so intensively. "Stop what you're doing and pay attention to me!" Walking over She shook the ladder lightly making Juliet furrow her brows and look down at the blonde who flickered her eyes and puckered her lips.

Dipping her brush into her cup Juliet shook her head. The once selfish, stoic blonde was worse than a puppy. "You need to go to sleep you're too clingy when you're tired."

"Julietttt I've been working all week and you've been studying soooo much." She whined dragging out as many words as possible. "I need you to remind me that you love me." Reaching up and grabbing the brunettes sides she pulled her down reminding her that her strength was no match and dragged her to the couch. Where she kissed her face all over, not letting her get up.

"Woman I am helping you remodel this house." She grabbed the older woman's face and squished her cheeks. Smiling at the faces that came from it. "What more do you want from me?"

Scarlet laid her head on the girl's chest, "I don't know maybe dinner."

Rolling her eyes Juliet stopped fighting and combed her neighbors blonde hair back into a messy bun. "You haven't fixed the sink yet"

Getting up the blonde looked at the younger girl's lips, "I have an idea!"

She smiled and closed her eyes bracing for the large announcement.

"YOU can call the plumbing company to come fix YOUR home appliances."

Laughing Juliet shook her head, "you OWN the plumbing company and-" pausing she furrowed her eyes "mine?" Seeing the blonde take a key ring out of her sweats pockets. She widened her eyes "Wait, what?"

"Move in with me?"

Letting her lip curl up the brunette took the key and examined it closely. Hanging beside it was a beautiful shell that she recognized from the beach. The one she had picked out from Scarlets hands.

The blonde bit her lip and waited for an answer impatiently. Tapping her feet on the hard wood floor and staring at her face. "I don't want to be neighbors anymore."

"Was I too far away?" Juliet laughed and grabbed the woman Pulling her in closely by her neck. "We will have to call my parents and Delilah over for dinner tonight to tell them the good news." Juliet added kissing the woman, she pushed her back and laid on her body. Showering her with all the attention she had been asking for. "It's a good thing we went shopping for bed frames the other day huh?"

"You mean it's a good thing my ex invested in so much stocks that we have the money to replace the bed frame we broke?"

Wiggling her eyebrows the brunette looked her up and down playfully, "it just all worked out didn't it?"

"It will be great when you finish painting the trim, you take so damn long." Scarlet pushed the girl off of her and made her land on the floor.

Juliet laughed and laid down stretching while she had the room, "Well you need to fix your crooked ass painting." Sliding back and grabbing her paintbrush she brushed the bristles back making paint splatter all over the older woman.

She opened her mouth and looked at her now ruined clothes, "Give me my keys back you little fucker."

Getting up and running to the kitchen Juliet climbed on the counter and held the brush out warning her not to come any closer. "If you don't stop I'll call my mother right now and make you answer all her questions about why you haven't given her grandchildren."

Scarlett let out a fake groan, "but we've only been together for five months... And she's been researching!" She wretched out her arms and laid her head on the cabinet dramatically.

"She'll be giving you a turkey Baster for Christmas if I ask her too."

Climbing on top of the cabinet with her the blonde threw the brush out of her lovers hands and put her hands behind her back giving her full access to her neck, "Who says I don't have one already, I may use it on you when your asleep."

Rolling her eyes again Juliet breathed in her girlfriends perfume. Putting her lips near the woman's ears she smiled sweetly, "How is your old ass going to have the energy for that let alone get off of these cabinets?"

Laughing Scarlet kicked the broken sink causing water to spray up drenching the both of them. Their smiles radiating through the drops and their hair entangling the two of them together. Their drenched clothes fusing together and their eyes meeting each other for one more kiss.



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