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Pulling the blinds apart and looking around at the lights outside Juliet breathed out of her mouth slowly to help keep herself calm. She didn't know why she was here. It took her a whole five minutes underwater to decide she wanted to do this.

Watching cars sped by, their headlights shined exposing Juliet's face so the girl stepped back and swung the curtains around to stop any intruding light.

Walking to the desk she sat at earlier while doing her make up she opened her purse and started throwing all the loose items in. She didn't know why she did her make up either was she trying to impress her neighbor?

Dropping the  lipstick when there was a sudden knock at the door Juliet bent down frantically, "Just a second!"

After gathering it all she hid her purse away in the drawer and looked at herself in the mirror. She bounced her hair and pushed her lips together to smooth out the coloring on her lips.

Deciding she looked decent enough Juliet took one last deep breathe before she opened the door. The blonde woman looked down at her and scanned her body. She looked the same as she did the other night, bored and tired.

Walking past the younger girl Scarlet threw her coat down on the desk and turned on the lamp.

Locking the door and then fastening the deadbolt Juliet tried not to let the woman's perfume effect her thinking. "Sorry for such short notice."

"You seem nervous." Scarlet observed taking off her watch.

"I mean maybe a little." Juliet chuckled and stayed standing in the hallway keeping the distance between them.


Watching her take off her earnings the brunette swallowed air. She was very alluring with her movements, she was calm, delicate, and powerful. "This feels wrong." She closed her eyes and picked at her nails nervously.

Glancing over the blonde stared at the girls eyes while taking off her rings, "Do you not want to do this?"

"You're married!" Brushing past the woman and looking out the window again Juliet bit her lip in thought. "We are in a hotel room for God's sake." Finally letting everything hit her the young girl rested her head in her hand knowing she made a mistake. She didn't want to be this person. She never thought she would even consider it, but here she was in a tiny hotel room with a married woman she had met only once.

Feeling a presence behind her the girl let the curtain fall back into place as she felt a hand touch her shoulder softly. "Have you never done this before?"

"Slept with a married woman?" Juliet laughed and turned facing the tall lady, "Have you?"

"Once or twice."

Raising her eyebrows at the blondes seriousness Juliet went to the drawer with her purse and fished it out. She shouldn't have brought her here "I can't do this im sorry Mrs. Wright."

Scarlet tilted her head calmly and watched as the girl gathered her stuff. "What exactly are you afraid of?"

Clasping her hands in front of her chest Juliet looked up at the woman and felt completely small. "Everything."

"So you're afraid of having sex and for the consequences?"

"Well not the sex exactly." Rubbing her face Juliet let that word settle, even though nothing had been discussed and she knew what they were doing...hearing the word made her feel even dirtier.

"If you're afraid of consequences then don't get caught."

Letting her eyes dart up to study the woman's face Juliet licked her dry lips. "Why are you so calm?"

"I know what I want."

Nodding at her dry answer she crossed her arms as the woman stepped forward and stopping only inches away. "Juliet you have two options."

Walking past her and leaning on the wall by the door she started undoing the deadbolt. "You can stay here with me or-" the chain fell and Scarlet turned the knob. "You can leave and never see me again."

Closing her eyes Juliet weighed her options. She thought about Mr. Wright and her parents. They were so supportive of who she was and what she wanted to do in life, they didn't deserve the heartbreak of knowing their only daughter was in a hotel room with their neighbor.

Walking over slowly Juliet looked up at the woman who watched her carefully. Sighing she took the doorknob in her hand and started swinging the door open.

Surprised when a hand hit the door, the young girl let go off the handle as the blonde woman slammed it closed. "Wrong answer." Scarlet whispered locking the deadbolt once more.

Gulping nervously Juliet walked backwards as the blonde turned and came closer and closer.

"You want this to happen don't you?"

Taking a deep breathe she nodded and fell back on the bed when her heels hit the end, "Why me Mrs. Wright?"

Crawling on top of the bed Scarlet watched the girl crawl backwards until she had no where else to go. "We both seem a little bored don't you think?"

Laying down as the blonde hovered on top of her Juliet closed her eyes feeling hands slip her thin sleeves off her shoulders. "M-Mrs. Wright I've had sex before but it was with a boy and it didn't last very long."

"I see." Taking the bottom of the dress in her hands and scrunching it up Scarlet pulled back roughly leaving Juliet laying naked. You could now see how fast she was breathing. Running her hand from her foot all the way up her body the blonde stopped at the neck and wrapped her hand around her carefully. "Is there anything you are opposed to Juliet?

"I-I don't think."

"Tell me to stop if it becomes to much." She whispered holding onto her neck tighter.

Starting to gasp for air Juliet looked st the ceiling as the warm hand suddenly slipped away.

Sitting up slightly she watched the older woman go to the desk and start taking off her own clothes. She felt slightly scared as she rubbed her neck, but with all of the feelings twirling inside of her none of them told her to leave. She didn't want to. She wanted more.

Even though she felt guilty every time she looked over and saw her shining wedding ring twinkle back at her.

Becoming frightened Juliet felt her body slide down the bed and hang off the side. She lifted her head up and saw the blonde naked except for her white blouse that was opened revealing her breast and stomach. "Mrs. Wright?"

Letting go of her legs and looking at her with her cold eyes she started taking off her blouse, "What?"

Seeing the shirt hit the floor Juliet gulped. Turning her head back she tried to think of the right words as her neighbor stood patiently waiting for her to continue. "You don't have to be easy."


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