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"Are you sure you don't want to come hun?"

Looking around Juliet nodded, "I think I'll just be around the beach, but I'll wait for you at the entrance so you know where I am when you get back."

Putting on the rest of his sunscreen her father nodded, and hurried her mother who looked at some trinkets being sold. "The only reason I'm letting you do this is because Mrs. Wright is staying behind too."

"You're really missing out. I heard this hike is beautiful." Cole closed his backpack after setting his camera over his neck. "Delilah did you get the binoculars."

"Yes dad." She smiled sweetly and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. "When we get back I was wondering if you'd like to watch a movie tonight?"

"Of course." Juliet crossed her arms and watched the bus pull up. The group got in quickly chatting away leaving the girl there standing in the middle of the now empty sidewalk.

"There's a restaurant down there that serves oysters."

Only turning her head to look at the blonde woman Juliet raised an eyebrow, "I don't like oysters."

"I don't either." Walking down the platform towards the beach and shaded areas Juliet realized she better follow or get left behind.

Turning with her into a corner booth she stopped when a foot laid on her seat.

Sighing the young girl leaned on the table and narrowed her eyes at the blonde woman who laid against the wall with a smirk.

"I can't sit there?"

"Sit beside me."

"I can't do that." Looking around she lowered her voice, "That would look weird."

Pulling down her sunglasses Scarlet looked the girl up and down. "Do you know someone here?"

"No but-"

"Then sit." Shifting her eyes to where she wanted her to go Juliet rolled her eyes and listened, sitting besides the woman in the roomy booth.

As the waitor came over Juliet watched the woman order them both drinks and two specials. She didn't even know what exactly the special included because she became so invested in the shape of her lips. The way Scarlet spoke so softly made her own heart tingle.

Looking away from her and out at the ocean she gave a happy sigh. Even if everything couldn't be out in the open she felt content spending these few moments with her neighbor. It made everything seem real and effortless for just a short time.

Feeling Scarlet's hand touch her arm she furrowed her brows and laughed uncomfortably. "What?"

"Come here."

Doing as she was told the young girl scooted back and leaned against the front of the taller woman. She became tense feeling how close she was to her, but it felt so good. To be almost engulfed in the arms of someone like her.

Someone so stunning and stoic who let her emotions budge just a moment for her.

Closing her eyes Juliet felt the woman's hands run down her shoulders all the way to her hips where she scooted her back as far as she could go.

Luckily the restaurant was almost empty from the heat. Everyone was out at the water splashing in the cool sea while they had nothing but the occasional fan blow their loose strands of hair back.

Scarlet studied the girls face as she set her head back to rest on her shoulder. Trying to help the girl became calmer. Her well plucked eyebrows had a faint hint of sweat but they jumped everyone her fingers touched her just right. The girls dimples were also a highlight. She didn't even have to smile for them to be apparent. But what always gave the final blow was her eyelashes. The way they fluttered as they looked into her eyes was like she had locked handcuffs onto her wrist. How was she supposed to go on with life when those eyelashes danced around like that?

"If you want to fuck me we would have to go somewhere a little more private." Juliet whispered closing her eyes.

"I don't want that." Scarlet replied softly letting her fingers run along the girls cheek and around her jawline.

Blinking a few times Juliet looked at the woman's blue eyes, "What do you want?"

Feeling the older woman's chest rise a little higher she felt her hands hold her head steady as she softly planted a kiss on her lips. Missing slightly Scarlet quickly moved their lips to entangle.

For once there was no roughness. Their heads barely moved as they took in the feeling of being so close.

Hearing someone clear their throat Scarlet raised her head and nodded at the waiter who refilled their water.

Sitting up Juliet felt like she was floating, she could barely even feel her head.

"There's a piano over there?" Scarlet asked the waiter taking an ice chip out of her cup.

"Yes, we have live performances at dinner."

"Can I play it?" she wondered crunching loudly.

Juliet furrowed her brows as she realized what she said.

Looking around the waiter shrugged. "Sure."

Scooting out for her neighbor to leave Juliet stood confused as the tall woman went to the middle of the empty restaurant and sat down in front of the large brown instrument.

Walking over slowly the young girl smiled as she examined Scarlet's fingers run along the keys and smile. Like a child playing with the gift they had been begging for Christmas all year. Her manicured nails found their way back to the keys and her feet moved around softly until they found their position.

Then as if she was transported to a stage where she bright sun turned into spotlights Juliet's eyes closed as she listened to the music that escaped the piano.

For the first time Juliet saw Scarlet's eyes light up and her lips smile wider than she has ever seen. Her crooked teeth at the bottom peeked as she became immersed and played louder not caring that all the cooks from the back came out to listen.

When she was finished Scarlet looked up to see the young girls reaction.

Juliet shook her head and smiled, "Why have you been hiding?"

"No one's looked for me."

Juliet shook her head once more not knowing what to say.

"Do you have any request? The blonde asked Biting her bottom lip and sliding over.

Sitting next to her Juliet shrugged, "Anything would be beautiful." Watching the blondes manicured nails tap carefully as she thought Juliet furrowed her brows, "Where's your ring?"

Looking down at the tan line across her finger she started playing a new song. "I lost it."


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