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Broken Marionette by KaramelStrys
Broken Marionetteby KaramelStrys
Regency Christian Romance Claudia Ayles was like any other child, who worries went as far as what was for dinner and what games she would play with her best friend Cathy...
How to make a thug fall inlove  by Adore1995
How to make a thug fall inlove by Lovely25
Ashely Davis : 23 years old ❄️🥶 David East : 26 years old 💙💸 ⚠️ sexual content ⚠️
Falling in love with my brother's enemy Fanfiction by NicoleLove120
Falling in love with my brother' Nicole
If the gang never notices Quinn in big school over time alternate world of Vince Blake sister wrapped around academy beauty and brain leader silver hammer legend pure di...
Teacher's Lesson||Adym Yorba by yagirlanna02
Teacher's Lesson||Adym Yorbaby Anna❤️
(#2 in younow) Everyone has had that one hot teacher in thier life and now Camara is encountering hers.
I don't understand.. Are we over? by donnavv
I don't understand.. Are we over?by DaUnDonna
You were just... a ordinary girl who just happens to visit a brother.. but .. what would happen...if one day... a member from a same group your brother is in secretly d...
The scandals of cam by lllsjndh
The scandals of camby Lilly
This story is about cameron dallas's life behind the scenes....its not as perfect as you think it is. Sex, scandal, secrets... oh and madison beer
Be Careful of What You Wish For  by BBRYS123
Be Careful of What You Wish For by BBRYS123
I find myself often lost in fiction world. I can leave the hatred against me in my past of forever let it haunt my future. My friends no longer control me, I am to be f...
The love scandal by greysanatomyandmore
The love scandalby greysanatomyandmore
Cheating scandal and heated love
New in Town ➳ A Zootopia story by Queen_of_hearts101
New in Town ➳ A Zootopia storyby Mish🧚🏼‍♀️
After an animal became savage after one of the howler berries escaped out the box. One was left on the floor for other big animal. However, a new animal comes to town l...
Maria by BelleCooper25
Mariaby Belle Cooper
Could she ruin Alexander Hamilton? Maria Reynolds was just a women living in New York when her husband informed her of his plans to take down the Secretary of the Treasu...
Oh Royal F*ck by ameliavacic
Oh Royal F*ckby ameliavacic
So your dad just happens to be one of the most hated people in all of Italy for stealing millions of dollars off people, well little does Cassandra know that she has cap...
Who Said It, They asked: Flash Fiction by MrGold56
Who Said It, They asked: Flash MrGold56
While at prom with friends, Dennis, 14 years old, speaks about a rumor recently spreading around his high school about being sneaky with a math teacher.
His Lie, Her Choice by HannahHutchinson
His Lie, Her Choiceby Hannah Hutchinson
"He is the one Ex I'll never be able to hate...he will always have a place in my heart." I say, to my sister during one of our late night talks. My sister loo...
The Big three by lisa99305
The Big threeby Tutu
After her 2 miscarriage's 24 year old Jessica finally gives birth to a baby boy by age 36 she has 3 boy born into an dangerous business
The Confidential Journey of a Runaway by NicoleLove120
The Confidential Journey of a Nicole
Quinn is normal teenager that has good family but when accidently call overhear new that wishes was not true. How will secret her Quinn and her family? There is scandal...
Don't Catch Me by mmisspariss
Don't Catch Meby mmisspariss
A girl, Airabella, wakes up in her bed with no recollection of what happened the previous night, but she does know that someone fell asleep next to her. She gets up and...
The Moon between us  by MZZZNN
The Moon between us by Mazen Khaled
Adriana's a girl who has everything she wants but is that enough for her....she has an empty life and wants to change that for her good, and she wants to live a usual li...
shades of cool ♛ by xxxlila
shades of cool ♛by lila
'Shades of Cool' follows the stories of two troubled teenagers; Elijah West, a high school drop out, and Eloisa Heart, a rebellious student. His mum always wanted him to...
One wedding. Four lives ruined.  by Mae_Otis
One wedding. Four lives ruined. by Mae Otis
Weekly Winner of Chicklits' writing prompt # 1 Highest Ranking #12 One wedding. Four lives ruined. The book had been taken down. I don't know if I will pick it back up...