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Half of my books were written when I was a naive child. My opinions and morals have changed since then and I want to make it very clear I don't condone or even like half the things I wrote. Even though they will eventually be re-written what you may see from these following books
(Sugga Momma, The Neighbor, Stroke of Luck, Darling Girl, Bright Burning)
can contain the following:


Toxic manipulative behaviors

FORCED sexual encounters

Ages being under the age I personally believe to be too young for a romantic relationship with anyone else over the age of 21.

And a few others.

These things are something I will erase in the future and refuse to write about again.
You can read my old works at your own discretion but please be advised and realize I am doing my best to change my writing for the better. Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you on my future projects.

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