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Boarding a cruise Juliet quickly found out was the equevelent of watching pre-K students try to line up to go outside to play. Men and woman stumbled around drunk and laughed loudly seeming to have zero problems at all.

Taking her passport back the young girl smiled at the worker and walked over to Scarlet who stood on the walkway that connected the large boat to the building. She stood staring out window observing the men down below that tied things together and waited for instructions to let the boat go.

Standing next to the taller woman Juliet bit her lip and tried ignoring the large groups of people that passed by them ready to board.

Glancing over the blonde looked the girl up and down before turning back to the scenic view. "It's only this way on the first day."

Smiling at her effort Juliet nodded, "What's your favorite part of these things?"

"Early Mornings." Scarlet whispered tapping her small bag on her legs. "Everyone is asleep and you can eat breakfast outside." Stepping back the blonde waved Juliet to follow her. "Let's go."

Walking up to the entrance Juliet observed the Crack connecting the bridge and gulped seeing the waves roughly splash underneath her.

Swooping through the maze of people she found it easier to stay right behind Scarlet. She walked in a straight line and even the drunk people had enough sense to get out of her way.

Stopping at a bar the older woman quickly grabbed a drink before taking a breathe and continuing. Juliet could tell they both were out of their element. Scarlet was literally wearing a long sleeve button up shirt while woman ran by wearing barely anything.

"There they are!"

Hugging her father Juliet observed his cargo shorts and white feet. "Dad what are you wearing?"

"Cole and I went shopping last night when we got in." He twirled around trying not to spill his fruity drink. "What do you think?"

"You look sexy!"

"Don't encourage him mom." Juliet rolled her eyes and hugged her mother. Peering over her shoulder she gulped nervously seeing a girl walk over with Cole who danced around to the music.

"Juliet! This is my daughter Delilah. She got in probably the same time you two did." Cole explained wrapping an arm around the dirty blonde headed girl.

"Nice to meet you." She spoke reaching in and pulling the young girl into a hug.

Too nervous to speak Juliet's wide eyes searched the kind girls face. Her eyes had the same blue tint as her mother's but her smile shined brightly, it lifted crookedly but in such a delicate way that you couldn't help but trust her.

"You are absolutely gorgeous." Delilah gawked leaning back to get a better look.

Swallowing the knot in her throat Juliet tried to nod as a thank you.

"I'm so glad everyone made it safely." Cole continued talking waving his arms around almost like an animated cartoon character. "Did you see any wrecks honey? We saw one on the loop that was just so scary-"

Letting his words fade off the brunette asked a man who worked on the ship for a water as everyone talked with each other. Even Scarlet joined the conversation when traffic was brought up.

Thanking the man and taking a sip Juliet scanned the ships faces before stopping at Delilah's. She didn't seem to be apart of the conversation either but was in her own world as she smiled at Juliet.

"Why don't we all head up to the dining room, they serve the best lobster on the cruise line I swear to God JJ."

Following behind her family Juliet couldn't help but laugh at her father's new bromance. Cole even going as far as calling her dad by his very secretive nickname. They had their arms wrapped around each other as they tried to find the way to their destination. Getting lost on the way.

"Your mom told me about your graduation."

Noticing Delilah had walked slowly to stand beside her Juliet nodded, "I bet she told you a lot."

Laughing she threw her head back, "She had a lot to brag about." Standing still as they waited for the elevator she used the umbrella from her drink to chew on. "Which now I see she wasn't wrong."

"Shit." Juliet thought to herself as they all crammed themselves into the small area. Looking forward as the doors closed she tried not looking at the faces around her. She was scared to look at Scarlets and she didn't know what to say to Delilah. She was too sweet to look into her eyes and have a dirty secret.

She used to consider herself really sweet, but now she didn't know if she could catorgorize herself as that.

"Isn't that right sweetie pie?"

Looking at her father quickly she furrowed her brows, "What?"

"You used to get scared watching the news at night?"

Closing her eyes and sighing Juliet tried hiding her embarrassment.

"She would sleep with us all night, she's just a sensitive girl." Her mother added to the story. "There's nothing wrong with that is there?" She asked Delilah.

Smiling she shook her head, "I love a sensitive soul."

Scarlet smirked in the background.

"I heard there was free froyo here too?" Her father asked as they left the elevator and made their way into a beautiful dining room. The servers escorted them to their table and poured them water as they scooted into their chairs.

Juliet didn't give much thought to where she sat until she looked up from her menu and found Scarlet in front of her and Delilah beside her.

She felt completely trapped and nervous but looking into her lovers pale blue eyes she sensed the humor. She hid it well behind her stoic lips but Juliet could tell she was smiling to herself.

Kicking her foot slightly Scarlet put her own menu down and tilted her head, "Why did you kick me?"

Sitting up straight as the table looked over at her she cleared her throat. "Sorry, Mrs. Wright I though it was the tables leg."

Waiting until all the eyes were off of her Juliet narrowed her eyes at the woman who only returned the wink from earlier.

"Theres a show on tonight." Delilah remarked unfolding her napkin, "I think everyone else is going to an art auction but I would love it if you joined me."

"S-sure." She answered.

"Has everyone decided their order?" Their waiter asked filling her father's empty glass.

"Tell me Sebastian, do you do magic too?" Cole asked handing is menu over to his new friend.

"I may have a few tricks up my sleeve." He stated in a heavy accent. "But those tricks are saved for my favorite guest."

"Then when are you going to show them to us?" JJ laughed loudly.

Leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes Juliet blocked out all the laughs and felt the boat lean back and forth from the waves that they sped through. No one else seemed to notice them but Juliet felt every bit of it. It didn't make her sick though, only relaxed. She had to find small ways to help her do that a lot this week she came to realize.


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