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Splashing some water on her stomach Juliet hummed the tune that was stuck in her head as she floated on top of her inflatable recliner. It was the middle part of the day which meant the whole neighborhood was quite. They all relaxed inside their houses during the day since the sun was too much for most to handle. Sunscreen and shade was of course important but even then people couldn't take it.

She enjoyed it however, sleeping in the sun and listening to absolute silence. Even the bugs weren't out to bother her. The only exception of sound was the ripple of the water.

The sun was so hot that she constantly used her cupped hand to cool herself off with pool water.

Feeling the burning of her chest cool the brunette furrowed her brows and looked through her shades to see four outlines standing in front of the sun. All of them in professional Attire.

"Honey, Cole told us about what happened." Her father spoke softly.

Slightly uncomfortable to be in her tiniest pink bikini Juliet gave her tightest smile, "Hello Mr Wright."

"Say hello to Mrs. Wright too, Don't be rude." Her mother scolded.

Looking between the shaded faces she tried to think of ways she could escape. "Hello Mrs. Wright."

"Hello Juliet."

Almost detecting the humor in her voice the young girl took of her sunglasses to get a better look at their faces. "It's not a big deal, I'm fine."

"I just feel awful." Cole scratched his head,"but I'm hoping I can make it up to you."

"You really don't have-"

"Six tickets." He interrupted, "and a week long cruise to the Bahamas. A friend from work gave them to me." Pulling them out he showed them to Juliet's excited father. "My daughter is coming into town this weekend and I think we could make it a fun family trip!"

"That sounds amazing!"

Leaning her head back annoyed Juliet tried thinking of an excuse. The last thing she needed was to be trapped on a boat with her lover and her lovers husband and daughter.

"Juliet dry off and come inside, we have to go shopping!"

Nodding at her mom the brunette watched the three adults walk back into the house talking all about the trip of the year. Turning her head back slowly she frowned at Scarlet who stood stoicly with her arms crossed. "Did you do this?"

"I didn't." Was the only thing she said as she tilted her head and eyed the girls body.

"You don't look like the cruise type."

"I'm not, but if your wearing stuff like that the whole time you might change a woman's mind."

Narrowing her eyes Juliet slid off her floaty making sure to splash the woman. She swam to the edge and pulled herself out. She knew she was staring at her. "Are you going to be able to keep your dick soft for a whole week?" She joked Grabbing her towel.

Clicking her boots heels as she walked closer Scarlet smiled slightly, "Why do you act like you hate me right before you fuck me?"

Shooting her daggers Juliet covered herself up so the woman couldn't stare anymore. "Because you are an arrogant little-"

"Juliet come inside and get our guests something to drink!" Her mother yelled leaving the screen door open for them.

Annoyed by the interruption the young girl started walking away hoping the woman wouldn't say anything further.

"You didn't ask me what I wanted to drink."

"Because I don't care."

Staying quite until they were inside the coolness of the house Scarlet cleared her throat. "Could I have a margarita please?"

Narrowing her eyes Juliet ignored the laughs in the room.

"Getting started early huh babe?" Cole flipped through some papers at the table with his deep belly laugh. "We all have a free drink package by the way."

Mixing the drink Juliet tried ignoring the woman who didn't even try to hide where her blue eyes landed.

Everything about this infuriatared her. The fact was she did get mad at every time she looked at Scarlet. Because she knew it wouldn't take long for her anger to turn into passion. Putting salt around the edge she handed it to the woman who grabbed her hand and the drink.

"Let's go to your room." She whispered

Mouthing "no" Juliet pulled away and looked around hoping no one heard that. Seeing the playfullness behind Scarlet's eyes she knew mischief was rolling around in her head.

"We were supposed to leave Friday babe?"

Cole nodded and underlined some words, "Ya, why?"

Staring straight at the Confused girl she raised an eyebrow, "Well Juliet had promisedto help me with a few things that day."

"They can't wait?" He asked turning in his creaky chair.

Shaking her head Scarlet sighed, "We could always drive up together Saturday morning and just meet you guys to board?"

Running her tongue along her teeth and tapping her fingers Juliet couldn't even begin to explain how she felt. It was at first surprise, then it was irritance, now she felt kind of proud.  It was as if their little game with each other was like a dangerous role playing game. Who could take it further?

"That sounds like a good idea! That's nice of you to offer and help out Juliet." Her mother commented patting her on the back and opening their fridge. "Would anyone like some dinner?"

"No, we must be going." Scarlet answered winking at Juliet.

Smiling slightly the young girl caught herself and cleared her throat.

"We can talk about it more tomorrow." Mr. Wright explained getting up and pushing his chair in. "This is going to be great!"

Watching them leave out the front door Juliet listened to her parents discuss all their plans excitedly as she stared at the closed door. She could not figure that woman out no matter how hard she tried. And she couldn't figure out what that woman did to her. She couldn't comprehend how many emotions she felt with just seeing her face.

"Aren't you so excited honey?"

She smiled still staring, "I can't wait dad."


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