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Taking a sip of her drink Scarlet leaned her back on the bar and looked up to the top deck where she saw Juliet's hair whip around in the wind like a lost letter. Her eyes gazed out to the sea so Scarlet did the same. She watched  the night sky move the waves in a way that seemed so small from where she sat until they rolled over into themselves and crashed into the boat that sped through them like they weren't even an obstacle. Glancing back up Scarlet tilted her head as she tried to imagine what Juliet was thinking.

The the girl leaned on the railing and nodded every once in a while as her daughter Delilah looked the other way, probably telling a story, as she people watched.

Watching her for a couple more minutes Scarlet forced herself to turn around and face the bartender who was already making her another drink. If she stared to long at that young girl she started thinking and she didn't want to think.

Putting a tip into the jar the blonde put her head in her hands and tried to stay still, but it was almost as if she couldn't even control herself. Turning her head slightly she watched as Delilah took Juliet's hand and pleaded with her to follow. Juliet laughed and said no but gave in following her proud daughter to the basketball court.

Turning her chair to engulf herself in the scene further Scarlet tilted her head and watched her daughter run around the court bouncing the worn out basketball. After a couple of tries she succeeded at her idea of a layup and through Juliet the ball.

Scarlet found herself almost cheering in her head as her lover moved the hair out of her face and situated herself at the three point line to shoot. As it swooshed Delilah let her face show her surprise and they talked a few seconds. Probably about their experience as high school basketball players.

She never did sports while she was in school. Taking a drink Scarlet Sat up straighter when Juliet turned to attempt a shot backwards and her eyes meet the cold blue ones that stated at her from the deck below.

Smiling Juliet pushed the hair out of her face and threw it over her head.

Smiling back at her the blonde heard herself sigh out loud. The girls tight dress clung onto her but on the outside of it the rest of the fabric flowed with the wind that picked up. Both her hair and clothes danced so harmounsly that Scarlet could have painted a picture with the snapshot she took in her mind. Her make up a sharp look against her tan skin and her greenish eyes hidden behind the laugh lines.

Her favorite thing was the way she walked.

It was different when she saw Scarlet look at her. More confident and seductive. The way she flipped her hair and refused to look back at her. Because that girl knew Scarlet would be looking.

She imagined her daughter enjoyed it as well, her crooked smile shining bright as she tried to make a point from the three point line herself. She hadn't played in a while so she was a little rusty.

As they laughed at each other's failed attempts Scarlet caught herself sighing again.

"You would think JJ would have the sense to know when to stop."

Watching Juliet's mother slip into the seat next to her Scarlet took one last look at Juliet before turning to lean on the bar again. "Is he asleep?"

"Knocked out on the couch. Cole beside him."

Studying her almost empty glass the blonde tapped her fingers in thought.

"The girls looked so cute!" Her mother smiled widely and took her freshly made fruity drink in both hands. "You saved the day with that necklace."

"It was nothing."

"You know I'm surprised I never saw you more at school functions since Delilah was in school around the same time as Juliet."

Folding her straws paper up in a triangle the blonde shrugged, "That was more of Cole's thing."

Furrowing her brows the other woman just didn't understand.

"Well you got lucky, that school board was just horrid." She took a sip through her straw but decided to speak halfway though. "How long have you and cole been married?"

Contemplating how to answer that Scarlet watched Juliet and Delilah walk over to them. Their smiles still on their face and their hair messed up from the wind. The young brunette even carried her heels in her hand.

Seeing them Juliet's mom quickly forgot about their conversation and waved them over. "Look at you two!"

"Look at us? Look at you Mrs. Young, the sun has been kind to you." Delilah spoke Hugging her.

Juliet peeked over at Scarlet and smiled.

"How was the show dear?"

"It was kind of corny so we left early. I found the froyo machine so we were going to tell the guys."

Rolling her eyes Juliet's mom laughed, "They are done for the night." Putting her drink down she got up and took Delilah's arm into her own, "So your going to help deliver babies dear?"

Brushing past them Juliet knew where her mother was going with the whole conversation so she stole her mom's seat and ordered a water.

"I will when I do my residency."

"Do you want kids of your own?"

Delilah wasn't even fazed by the question. "I want a huge family!"

Scarlet peered over at her lover who chugged her refreshing water and smiled.

"Will you be working at the hospital in town?"

Delilah nodded,"I already put my application in so hopefully."

Putting her hand on her heart Juliet's mom almost fell backwards with happiness. "I heard you were looking for a house. The Browns that are living right next to us are going to be moving soon. It's very big!"

"Mom can you please stop." Juliet whined putting her face in her hands.

"I'm just asking questions!" Her mother smiled widely not letting go of Delilah's arm. "It's so nice to see someone as young as you, using your talents and really making something of yourself."

"Thank you Mrs. Young." Delilah whispered patting the woman's hand.

Scarlett smiled as Juliet turned towards her and mouthed "kill me."

"Well we were going to head up to the Piano bar if you'd like to come?" Delilah asked.

"No, you two go." Scarlet interrupted pulling Juliet's mother off of her daughter. "I think we are going to go bar hop a little more."

Watching them leave quickly Mrs. Young bounced up and down happily. "I've always wanted grandchildren. If they could get Mr. Browns house I would always get to see them and you could be right next to them and-" She sighed happily."It would be just perfect."

"Does Juliet want kids?" Scarlet questioned sitting back down.

Following her lead and pushing all the empty glasses away she shrugged, "Surely, and if not now she will." Getting serious for a second the woman put her purse down. "We wanted more kids but our careers got in the way. I just want Juliet to be able to have a family and really enjoy it with little worries."

"You're a good mom." Scarlet whispered looking at her drink sweat onto the wooden table. Taking a few seconds to think she threw her head back and the entire drink disappeared down her throat. "Let's get fucked up."


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