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Rated M: for sexual abuse and forced sexual activities. If you are not comfortable that's totally ok. I'll see you for the next chapter.

Walking carefully to her room Juliet tried her best not to spill her plate that was filled to the brim with food.

Smiling at a housekeeper the brunette put her tray down on the floor as she unlocked her room. Picking up the tray once more she put her back to the door and opened it widely.

"Hey you."

Jumping Juliet looked at a bikini covered Delilah laid out on her bed. "What are you doing in here?"

"Couldn't sleep." She grinned and watched the young girl put her food on the cabinet and look at her now messy hands. "Is this a bad time?"

"No it's fine." Juliet answered from the bathroom as she cleaned spilled food off of her. "I have some extra pizza if you want some."

Getting up Delilah went to the plate and picked up a piece that had barely any pepperoni. "You did really good at trivia earlier."

Drying off her hands Juliet laughed quietly and closed the bathroom door. "If I was just better at Geography our team could have won."

Going to the balcony Delilah slid the door open letting the cool night air fly her hair back and caused her skin to rise with goosebumps.

Trying not to look over at her Juliet poured herself a glass of water and cleared her throat. "I think I'll probably head to bed early tonight."

"That's fine, I'll be quite."

Looking over at her still staring outside Juliet took a drink and furrowed her brows seeing her throw out the rest of her crust.

"Before you sleep I have something for you." Closing the door and bringing the curtain over Delilah went to her bag and pulled out two joints and some matches. "This will really help you sleep."

"I don't need help-" Delilah walked over to her and handed it over to get her to stop talking. "Where did you even get this?"

"A waiter sold it to me." Lighting the match the woman put it in her mouth as she took Juliet's and stuck it between her lips. "Just relax."

Watching her light the joint Juliet watched smoke leave her mouth curling up to cover the ceiling with a white cloud. Blinking a few times Juliet furrowed her brows and looked at what she was smoking. She had weed before and it did make her sleepy and calm but it never hit her this hard before. Trying to put it down Juliet felt her back hit the wall  as Delilah put it back in her mouth. "Just breathe in baby."

Not having a choice she took another deep breathe as the taller girl held her in place. Delilah took the joint out of her mouth and covered her lips with her hand so the smoke would stay inside her mouth. Forcing her to take it all in.

Feeling her cough the dirty blonde let go and stepped back. "Are you alright?"

"Just tired." Juliet stumbled forward hitting the tray of food and falling onto the ground with the scraps.

Stepping over her Delilah looked her over and ticked her tongue. "Oh let me get you into bed baby." Helping her up she bit her lip as she threw her almost doll like body onto the made bed. "Your alright, its how it's supposed to work. Don't you feel good?"

Letting her head roll back and forth she felt her shoes leave her feet as Delilah took them off. She tried to mumble for her to stop but nothing came out.

"I'm not going to hurt you Juliet I'm just getting you comfortable for bed." Delilah whispered undoing her shorts and bringing them down. She looked at her body and licked her lips but made herself stop so that she wouldn't do anything. "Sit up." Grabbing her arms she took off her shirt and sat behind her so that when she laid back down she had to lay on her.

Bringing her head back Delilah watched the younger girl smile. "You pretty." She mumbled slurring her words together.

Biting her lip again Delilah took her phone and pushed record. "You think I'm pretty?"

She nodded closing her eyes.

"Would you like to have fun with me?"

"I love fun." Juliet whispered happily.

"I have consent?" Delilah asked sternly watching the girl fall in and out of sleep. Watching her for a few seconds she narrowed her eyes until she saw the girl loosely nod her head.

Throwing her phone onto the ground Delilah got off the bed and finished undressing her. Leaving nothing to the imagination.  Reaching up and cupping her boobs Delilah kissed the girl's mouth slowly and smiled feeling her kiss her back. "Are you ok?"

"I'm great." Juliet giggled feeling her legs being pushed apart. "I think I'm going to go to sleep."

"No baby not yet." Delilah slapped her face a couple of times carefully, but knew her sleeping was inevitable. "Let's get you under the covers." Pulling the blankets back and covering the girl Delilah started taking off her own clothes. Leaving her standing naked in front of her. "Would you like to touch me?"

Nodding Juliet let her heavy hand go up and touch the woman's bare stomach.

Putting her hand over Juliet's Delilah moved it around and grasp her breasts firmly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it until she looked down and saw she was asleep. Sighing she got into bed with her and turned her so she was laying on her back.

Pulling the covers down slightly so she could look at her body Delilah stretched down and touched herself carefully.

Yes she wanted to hurt her mother, and yes she wanted Juliet for her own but right now she wanted nothing more than to please herself.

Release all of that sexual tension that had been building up every time she looked at her body.

Hearing her snore slightly Delilah moaned quietly and watched her eyes twitch lightly as she fell into a deep asleep.

Going inside of herself Delilah gasped and put her other hand on Juliet's face to let her finger run over her lips.

Rubbing harder she thrashed her legs and moaned a little louder as she made herself climax. Bringing her hand back up she breathed in roughly and laid down catching her breathe.

Grabbing Juliet's phone that had fallen into the bed while she undressed her she used her thumb to help her get in and she went to Scarlets number. They had barely texted one another which was a good idea on their part.

Come see me in the morning.

Looking over the message Delilah decided it was good and sent it.

Laying the device on the bedside table she cuddled up to the girl and spooned her slightly, falling into a deep sleep with her.


You thought you wanted to kill her before hm?

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