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Stirring slightly Juliet held her hand up to her head and pushed against her forehead softly, it didn't hurt but she felt confused. Holding her hand and opening her eyes her vision took a second to adjust.

Putting her hand down she looked at her room and noticed the spilled food on the floor.

She remembered getting the food but nothing after that.

Furrowing her brows she moved her legs around slightly realizing she was naked.

Pushing the covers off of herself she saw a hand dangling over her stomach.

Turning slowly her heart dropped seeing Delilah laying next to her equally as bare soundly asleep.

Did she?

She couldn't have.

Grabbing her phone off the beside table she gulped dry air as she saw a message from Scarlet light up.

I can't this morning, but I'll see you at breakfast?

Confused she looked at the message before that and rubbed her eyes. She didn't remember texting her last night.

Sitting up quickly Juliet straightened her hair and jumped out of bed taking the blanket with her.

This woke up Delilah as she blinked a few times, "What's wrong baby?"

Letting her mouth open slightly as she stared at the still drowsy woman Juliet tried thinking of what to say.

"Hey," Delilah got on her knees and scooted over bringing Juliet close to her. "What's going on?"

Holding the blanket tighter to herself the younger girl looked at her eyes. The green and blue tint swirled around as she raised an eyebrow waiting for her to talk.

"What happened last night?"

Delilah smiled her crooked cute smile, "We had a little fun with weed an then had a little fun with each other."

Pushing her away Juliet forgot about the blanket as she paced back and forth holding her head in her hands. "This can't be real!"

Plopping down on the bed the dirty blonde looked over at her open phone and rolled her eyes seeing the message. "Do you not like me?"

Grabbing the blanket off of the floor and covering herself once more Juliet started searching her drawers for appropriate clothes. "It's not that I don't like you Delilah I just-"

"Oh my god did I take your virginity?" Juliet covered her mouth and then her heart. "I'm so sorry I wasn't more thoughtful."

"What? No." Juliet laughed quietly as she tried slipping on her shorts falling every once in a while.

""Then what's the problem?" Delilah stopped her before she could slip on her shirt and looked her up and down. "I'm nice, I'm pretty, and I think I pleased you pretty well."

Holding the cabinet Juliet gulped again while looking up at her.

"Are you with someone?"

"Yes! Well...no not officially, but we are both very fond of each other and-"

"And?" Delilah interrupted leaning forward, "Did you talk about being faithful to each other? You're sure she's not fucking someone else as we speak?"

Looking at her phone on her bed and then down at the floor Juliet closed her eyes. She didn't know why the thought of that never crossed her mind. Scarlett was probably fucking her husband every night and then fucking her during the day. How could she have just overlooked that?

Ok sure it was her husband but for some reason she felt jealous. She wanted to be the one Scarlet looked at but she probably looked at everyone.

Feeling Delilah's hand reach up and tuck her hair back Juliet leaned forward and hugged the taller woman. She didn't know why but she just...did.

Delilah wrapped her arms around her and shushed lightly combing her hair with her fingers. "I don't know about this other girl but I know I'm different."

Juliet said nothing as she stared at her hand laying on the woman's chest.

"I would like to be official with you. Take you on a date and treat you like a queen."

Closing her eyes the brunette nodded until she felt Delilah pull away and take her hand. "Let's call room service and hang out in here, just us two."

Nodding once more Juliet sat on the edge of the bed. She watched the naked woman lean down and pick up a menu before going to the phone and dialing the fronts number.

As she ordered their food Juliet looked her up and down.

She was beautiful. Her body toned and sculpted like a superhero comic. Her hair volumized and curled to almost movie perfection as her smile illuminated the room.

Maybe her mother was right all along. Delilah would be good for her. She was single and wanted to be with her. She wanted a future and was working to have a good job where she actually helps people.

What more could she ask for?

Pulling off her shorts that she just put on Juliet came to reality. Scarlet was fun and amazing but she wouldn't ever love her the way she wants her too. She had too much to loose and she wouldn't give it up for her.

Putting the phone down Delilah flipped her hair and froze seeing Juliet tighten her jaw and look at her with longing eyes.

She smiled slightly throwing the pen on the table. "Is that a yes then?"

Grabbing her head and kissing her Juliet thought about nothing else as she let her take control.

Delilah threw her on the bed and smiled wickedly as she moved her hands up and down her body gripping tightly. Getting on top of her she pushed her leg in between hers and bringing their lips together once more.

The kisses between them becoming long and wet as they explored different ways to be close to each other rolling around trying to squeeze their bodies together tightly.

Soon Juliet found herself laying on top of her so she raised up to take a deep breathe as Delilah watched her hungrily holding onto her hips tightly.

Both their chest rising and falling heavily as they studied each other's face.

The older woman reached up with her right hand and cupped Juliet's cheek. "I want you so bad."

Juliet held her hand over hers and closed her eyes.

"But I have to know baby." She sat up as much as she could, "I won't be competing with anyone will I?"

Juliet took a moment to study how sincere her face was. "It's over with her."

Squealing softly Delilah grabbed onto Juliet's stomach and flipped her over quickly. "Your mother is going to have a heart attack."


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