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"Are you building a sandcastle?"

Ignoring the blonde woman who laid on the large pink towel Juliet stuck her tongue out to carefully put the sticks she had gathered onto her creation. The sand structure was built with such integrity and sophistication that she was very proud of herself. She had mastered the art of mixing the right amount of sand and water to be perfect.

"Are you sure you graduated?"

Rolling her eyes and looking up the brunette muttered some words to mock her, "It's not a sandcastle."

"It looks like one." Scarlet commented sitting up and holding herself up with her arms behind her. She took in the feeling of the sun with the cool breeze that followed. before looking back at the young girl who stared at her homemade shovel, which happened to be a spoon.

"It's a beach house."

"Is it insured?"

"Of course it is. Look at how close to the water it is." Juliet watched the wave almost touch her feet before it chickend out and ran back to the sea. "The family already packed up to visit distant relatives in Albuquerque while their house is bombarded with a tsunami that floods everything important to them."

Pushing her sunglasses down slightly Scarlet raised an eyebrow, "There's sand all over you."

Looking down at herself in her small bikini she realized sand did in fact cover her body. "Are you saying you want a hug?"

Scarlet pushed her shades back up to sheild her eyes and looked up at the sky unafraid, "No."

"C'mon, give your girl a hug." Juliet started crawling over. "You were all over me earlier."

"Don't touch me. I don't like sand."

Getting closer Juliet raised an eyebrow and fluttered her eyelashes, "But Mrs. Wright you need to know how much I appreciate you."

Jumping up Scarlet pointed at Juliet who sat on the blanket. "No!" She gave a stern look to emphasize her decision.

Smiling up at her the girl made a point to look at her body up and down. Her tall figure standing over her blocked the sun so she was able to see her every womanly curve. It made her happy to know those curves are the ones that has surrounded her in the most intimate way possible.

"Go wash off."

"What if I get eaten by a shark?"

"I wouldn't be that lucky."

Laughing loudly Juliet got up slowly and brushed the course sand off her hand. "Come with me."

Following tbe young girl to the water Scarlet looked around, "I don't want to be eaten."

Juliet stopped to splash the cold salt water on her legs, "That's a first."

Watching her wash off Scarlet looked up with a squinted nose at the cloudless sky. She looked like she wanted to say something, but she never did. Scarlet looked down at the sand instead and started picking up an array of seashells.

Juliet smiled as she watched her bend down and observe her choices. "Are you excited for tomorrow?"

"Yes snorkeling is my favorite."


Scarlett shrugged and threw a broken she'll back into the water, "I can just float and watch how to sea life live. No one bothers me."

"I've never seen anyone happier than you just sitting and watching things." Juliet whispered Shaking her head. "Taking you to the mall to people watch would probably be the best date to you."

Scarlet nodded, "Probably."

Tapping her feet on the sand for a moment Juliet sprung forward and grabbed the older woman's empty hand.

Freezing and looking down at the young girl who stood equally as frozen as a board Scarlet smiled and squeezed her hand. "Which one do you like?"

Looking at the different choices in her hand Juliet picked up a curved shiny pearl colored shell

"That's my favorite too." Scarlet whispered throwing the others out. Pulling Juliet close the tall woman studied her face.

Waiting for her to say something Juliet gave an encouraging smile.

"Juliet I-"

Watching her get teary eyed the brunette stopped her, "It's ok."

Sighing Scarlet nodded and pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry." She put her hand on her head and held her as tightly as she could. "I'm so sorry."

Putting her binoculars down Delilah blew a large bubble with her now flavorless gym and shook her head.

The scene before her wasn't what she expected but for some reason she wasn't entirely surprised.

Putting the sunglasses over her head she let the binoculars rest on the wooden railing as she looked down at the ocean. She knew there was something that made Juliet not completely interested in her but she didn't ever imagine it was her mother's spell.

She couldn't blame her mother. Juliet was young and beautiful, like a classic actress that hides behind her sweet smile and picket fence. She was a total catch.

It had to be about sex.

Her mother was an emotionless robot sometimes and going after such an easy target seemed like a good route.

Twirling her loose strands of hair Delilah spit out her gum and watched it fall to the water without a sound.

Glancing back up she gritted her teeth as her mother still stood with the young girl wrapped in her arms.

Rolling her eyes and turning the other direction Delilah pretended to seem interested in the pelican standing on a pole waiting for fish.

There was no need to get upset or defensive. She knew the truth and she knew what she was going to do.


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