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Chewing on her lip Scarlet focused back on her daughter who looked at her with sweet eyes. "I'm going to go in and look at her and then I'll come get you ok?" She moved her head to try and get the older woman's attention as She watched a nurse pass by. "How are you feeling? Do you want me to take her purse?"

She shook her head and held it closer, "I'm fine."

Sighing the dirty blonde rubbed her moms shoulders. She had no idea what was going on in her head. "I'll be right back." Her voice whispered.

Scarlet watched the door close and glanced around at the empty hallway. It's lights illuminating a doctor who left another room and turned the corner.

Walking slowly to Juliet's room she stared at the plaque that read 304. She cleared her throat and bent down slowly to look through the small cracks between the blinds. Delilah spoke to the doctor and looked at the charts. She nodded which seemed like a good sign and smiled as the man probably told a cheap joke.

Shifting her eyes the blonde held her breathe and slowly released her nerves seeing Juliet kick her legs under the hospital blankets almost childlike and raise her hand to scratch her eye. Laying her head on the door she smiled to herself and looked back up to see her daughter motioning for her to come in.

Taking a deep breathe before she opened the door the doctor smiled and went past her quickly, probably to see another patient.

"Juliet was just telling me that they won't let her eat anything but ice chips." Delilah whispered going to the bed and turning off a machine that started to beep.

Smiling Scarlet walked to the side slowly, Juliet's long brown hair was messy but still as shiny as ever. Her eyes a little tear stained shined as her smile grew wide. She wanted to talk to her, tell her everything was ok but she didn't know how.

Juliet understood, she always did. "The woman that gave me my IV dug around for ages and I can't eat any pudding after that?" She smiled again and laid her head back watching the tall woman stand still.

"She has a concussion and they will probably want to monitor her for a night or two so they can make sure she doesn't have seizures but they are very confident she is ok." Delilah spoke fixing all the wires that the nurse had tangled. "I'm confident too."

Tilting her head the blonde sucked her lips in and tried not to cry, but there was no stopping it. Tears ran down her face as she dropped the purse and leaned forward, hugging the girl softly. "I'm so sorry."

Closing her eyes Juliet shushed the woman as her tear drops fell on her chest and ran down.

"I shouldn't have let him anywhere near you I'm so sorry."

Pushing her up the brunette smiled, her eyes were dry and her smile still shined bright. "I'm ok I promise. I didn't let him get that far." She moved sideways and patted the bed.

Sitting down carefully next to her the blonde furrowed her brows. "What do you mean? There was blood and your shirt was ripped."

"She pretended to be knocked out." Delilah answered raising an eyebrow at the proud girl. "He got so scared he stopped."

Scarlett shook her head and held the girl close to her chest. "Oh my god." Being easy with her head she kissed her cheek and let her lips linger on her skin. "Fuck I was so scared."

Hearing the door crack open Scarlet didn't bother to let her go as two uniformed men came in. "How are you doing Juliet?"

"They won't let me eat."

The older man chuckled and took off his hat, "Well maybe after you answer some our questions I can persuade the nurse to sneak you something in."

"Sounds like a fair deal." Juliet smiled and Scarlet pulled her closer. She didn't know if she was embarrassing her but she didn't care, there was no way she was letting go of her.

"What do you remember?" He asked softly.

Juliet wiggled her toes under the blanket as she looked down in thought. "He pulled me into the bathroom and slammed me into the wall. I blacked out for a second but when I felt him tearing my shirt I pretended to be asleep and I went limp." Delilah fed her an ice chip with a spoon and the brunette took a minute to chew. "He shook me and then dropped me. That's when they came in and-" Juliet looked up at the blonde who's nose was bruising. She didn't want to say anything that would get her in trouble.

"Don't worry." The younger man spoke crossing his arms. "As far as anyone knows, he attacked her first."

"That's what's going in our report." The older gentlemen smiled and patted the end of the bed. "You get some rest thank you for cooperating."

"Wait-" Juliet sat up, "What happened to him?"

"He's in the ICU, he's supposed to pull through and then he's going to jail for a very long time. I promise you." The cop looked at Scarlett, "His face will be pretty messed up though." He winked and shut the door as they left.

Swallowing a knot in her throat the blonde looked over at Delilah. "I'm sorry."

She shook her head and crossed her arms, "You have nothing to be sorry for." Looking down at Juliet who's head laid on her mother's chest and snored lightly she smiled, "They gave her some medicine to help her sleep. it kicked in fast."

Scarlet nodded and turned her body slightly to the side so Juliet could entangle herself closer. She knew that was how she slept. Like a monkey that stayed in one corner.

"I've never seen you cry before." Delilah wiped her nose. "I wish I could take it from her."

"She's already laughing and joking I think she'll be ok." Scarlet answered brushing her hair back. "She's the strongest girl I know. She could jump off a cliff and still crack a joke."

"She's strong because she knows you'll be right there to catch her when she jumps."

Watching her eyelashes flutter Scarlett clenched her jaw trying not to cry again. She couldn't explain the feelings rushing through her. When she looked around she felt anger, but she looked at Juliet she felt happy. Even the handsomest men did not have the same momentary effect on the world as a  beautiful woman like Juliet did.



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