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Putting her car into park Juliet cleared her throat and held her hands tightly on the steering wheel.

Scarlet stayed seated however. Her eyes stayed fixed on the Hawaiin girl dancing on the dash.

"Thank you for coming to my graduation party." Juliet finally spoke breaking the silence. "And for getting me out of there." She ran her hand through her hair nervously glancing at the older woman ever so often.

Flicking the dancing girl the blonde furrowed her brows and tilted her head as she watched the cheap toy swing back and forth. After it slowed down to a complete stop she turned her head to look at the young girl.

Juliet bit her lip and drummed her fingers on the wheel slightly like she had no idea how to sit still.

"Would you like to come inside?" Scarlet finally spoke.

Turning her head quickly the brunette laughed and waved her hand around. "No, no I wouldn't want to impose. I should probably be going home." Letting her wide smile fall Juliet studied the older woman's face. She stayed stoic, not letting her know what she really wanted. Her eyes didn't move a centimeter to even give a clue.

"I could give you a tour." The woman spoke again.

The girl studied her soft words before Shaking her head violently again. "It's really late-"

Looking at the clock the younger girl felt rude, "Sure, but I can't stay long."

Walking up to the door Juliet watched Scarlet take her time getting her key out. There had to be twenty keys in her one ring and none of them looked like they belonged to her nice house. She couldn't see much from the darkness but she passed it many times going to school. It had a charm that she always loved. Watching her open the door Juliet didn't know if her neighbor Mrs. Wright was charming as well. She honestly didn't know how to feel about the woman. What was her intentions? She was obviously a lot older than her and she didn't feel like she was flirting but she couldn't tell. How are you supposed to when the woman never showed a single emotion?

Feeling the door close behind her Juliet froze feeling the woman take her coat off close to her and reach around her to hang it up on the rack.

"Would you like a drink?"

"No, I really should be going."

"More whiskey then?"

Examining the very well put together house Juliet ran her hand over a small sculpture sitting as a decoration on the cabinet but took her hand away quickly not wanting to destroy it. The woman's style was very simplistic. It of course had its own style hidden in plain sight but you could tell material objects were not in the family's best interest. At least not to her. Scarlet's husband was very proud of his golfing trophies and car's. Those pictures hung in the wall all the way down to the kitchen.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder Juliet turned to see the woman standing behind her again.

Scarlet handed over a crystal glass filled with a little too much alcohol. And eyed her up and down once more.

Taking it the brunette nodded as a thank you and sniffed it. She really didn't want to have to go through the taste again. "When will your husband be home?"


Trying her best not to roll her eyes she put the glass down on the cabinet. "My parents are probably wondering where I am so-"

"You just graduated." Scarlet interrupted staring at the girls face. "So you must be 18?"

She shook her head and started walking around the taller woman. "19 as of a month ago."

Finishing her drink quickly the blonde made a refreshing 'ah' sound. "My daughter went to your school. She graduated a couple of years ago." Putting her own glass down she walked over to the staircase and stopped, "Would you like to see?"

Peering over to the large wooden front door Juliet tried to figure out what to do. She didn't have much time to think as the woman's legs disappeared out of sight the farther she climbed the stairs. "I think I'm going to go now." She finally decided walking to the staircase. "It was nice talking to you Mrs. Wright."

Ignoring her the voice echoed "Juliet could you bring up my wallet please? I forgot it downstairs."

Tapping her nail on the railing the young girl looked around wondering how she hadn't left yet. Sighing she grabbed the turquoise item and started jogging up the stairs. "Where are you?"

"Last door."

Following her voice the young girl slowed down and looked inside the dark room. "Mrs. Wright?"

Jumping as the door closed behind her Juliet's eyes widened seeing the woman lean on the door and look her up and down. "You don't have to be so formal. Scarlet is enough"

Throwing the wallet on the bed the young girl laughed awkwardly and walked to the other side of the mattress to keep a barrier between them. "Mrs. Wright I think I'd better go before your husband gets home."

Still leaning on the door the older woman let her head fall back as she sighed loudly.

Feeling her heart speed Juliet looked at the door and then back up to the tall blonde.

"Can you at least help me with my dress?" She muttered.

Nodding the young girl took the zipper in her hands and slowly slid it down. When she reached the end she stepped back and looked up at the ceiling to make sure she didn't see anything indecent.



Scarlet tilted her head and let her dress fall to the ground. "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Covering her eyes with her hand Juliet gasped and started backing up and searched for the door handle. "Mrs. Wright this is really inappropriate! Your husband will be home any minute!"

Looking at her the older woman watched as she frantically tried to open the door, struggling because of her sweaty hands. It intrigued her to see her act out in such a panic- stricken behavior. "You seem distressed?"

Giving up in the door handle Juliet turned back towards her with her eyes still covered. "I'm a little overwhelmed yes."

Nodding Scarlet walked forward and grabbed her hands. No roughly, but not very softly either. "It's ok to look at me."

Swallowing the knot in her throat Juliet let one eye peek before looking at the blonde up and down with wide eyes. "I'm leaving now!"

Swinging open the door Juliet ran down the staircase and out the front door. Running smack into the man of the house.

He chuckled after regaining his balance, "Juliet! What brings you to my house so late?"
The man with the checkered shirt looked at his watch and smiled.

"I drove Mrs. Wright home." She smiled back trying to keep her cool.

"I appreciate that, thank you. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your graduation party, I got caught up at the office."

"No worries at all sir, but I better be going. My parents must be worried."

He nodded and flipped the front porch light on with a switch. "Have a great night Juliet. Come by anytime."

"Thank you Mr. Wright." Sprinting to her car the brunette dove in and locked the door behind her. She took a few seconds to catch her breathe before looking back at the house. Scarlet's silloute stood at the window looking down at her. That only lasted for a minute however as she closed the curtain and disappeared.


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