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Pacing back and forth in her mother's tiny restroom, Juliet Young stopped in front of the dirty mirror that was still slightly steamed from her earlier shower and exhaled loudly. "You can do this. You only have to talk until it's time to eat."

Blinking a few times as she stared at her reflection the brunette spotted her slight flaws. The sun spots hidden behind her make up and the disappearing pimples from her recent stress. Smiling at herself to look at her teeth she wiped a little bit of her lipstick that strayed.

"Honey everyone is asking about you. Come out!"

"I'll be right there mom. Just finishing my hair." Juliet answered.

When there was no response, the brunette ran her fingers through her loose curls and drummed her fingers on the sink hoping it would help her spirits.

Grabbing a bottle of perfume that her mother often wore, she spun it around in her hand to try and read the name. Slipping, it dropped into the sink and she gasped trying to scoop it back up quickly.

"Juliet now!"

"Coming!" Putting the bottle back up she nodded to herself, opened the bathroom door and made her way through the hallway. Voices grew louder as she eventually made it to the living room where people stood together talking and laughing. People called out to her so she smiled widely at them and waved as she passed.

Hoping she was in the clear she rolled her eyes seeing her father and mother run over to her and bring her a drink.

"The girl of the hour! The recent high school graduate, we are so proud of you sweet cakes!"

Looking down at the floor she laughed awkwardly knowing all the eyes at the party were glued onto her.

"She had perfect scores and so many scholorships she barely knows what to do with herself! Here's to Juliet!" Her father raved.

Everyone raised their solo cups and cheered for the young girl as she tried to slip away from her parents grasp. She appreciated everything they did, sure, but being the center of attention was never her favorite thing. It made her nervous and honestly she didn't know half of the people her mother had invited. both her parents worked as realtors so she imagined her mother barely knew the guests at all. They just lived nearby or happened to know them from work.

Brushing past some people a couple came up to her. "Where are you going to college dear?"

"I'm not sure yet Mrs. Lemon." Juliet smiled sweetly and the old couple glanced at each other with talkative eyes.

"You better put that smile away, or a nice young man might swoop you off your feet."

Looking at the old man, Juliet let her smile drop. "I'll try my best." Rolling her eyes as she turned The brunette decided she had had enough. Slipping away and down the stairs she imagined people weren't down in the basement. Her father tried to keep people out since it usually had his paperwork laying around the bar.

Locking the door behind her, Juliet sighed and banged her head on the framing for added effect. Why couldn't her parents have paid for a trip to the Bahamas instead.

Turning, she froze seeing a woman sit at the bar sipping on a glass of whiskey. Looking around, Juliet realized the woman was alone. She walked over slowly with furrowed brows. "Hello?"

Seeing the blue eyes turn to her, Juliet waited for the woman to say something but she only took another sip of her drink and looked back at the wall.

"I don't think you're supposed to be down here." Juliet eyed the woman and examined how beautiful she actually was. Short blonde hair. Stoic features and a body hidden mostly by her clothes.

Her jacket that was cascaded over her lap didn't move as she looked back over at her and raised an eyebrow. "I don't think you are either."

Holding her breath for a second,  Juliet laughed loudly and sat down at the stool adjacent to hers.

"Usually people enjoy having a party thrown just for them."

"Too much for me." Reaching over and grabbing the bottle of whiskey, Juliet poured herself a small glass accidently spilling some on the cabinet. She jumped from her seat to grab a rag.

Sipping her drink until she reached the ice,  the blonde woman chewed slowly as she watched the young girl frantically clean up her mess.

"I'm Juliet Young." She turned on the faucet rinsing the alcohol out of her mother's good rag.

"I know who you are."

Nodding, she folded the rag up and hung it over the sink. "Right, sorry." Looking around awkwardly at her own basement, Juliet drank her whole glass and sat it down, trying not to cough or make a face. "Wow that's ripe." She smiled showing all her teeth and finally coughed. "I'm sorry I don't know your name."

"Scarlet Wright." She answered pouring some more in her glass.

"OH you live down the street! I'm sorry I didn't place your face at first."

"I'm not offended. It's alright."

Tapping her fingers on the sink, Juliet watched the woman stare back at her. Her eyes were empty and plain. Filled with a primary blue color but they looked almost flat, like there was no life in them. Oddly though.. it complimented her face since she looked absolutely bored.

"Your husband's business really helped when this basement flooded." The young girl laughed and pointed at the pipes in the wall. "It was a mess."

Scarlet didn't say anything in return. She only put the glass up to her lips and glanced down at the girls body. Looking back up, she saw a confused face looking at her. The girl seemed surprised at the confidence.

"How is your husband?" Juliet questioned with one raised eyebrow. Swallowing the nervousness in her throat, she clasped her hands together as she watched the blonde get out of her seat and tower over her. If she looked beautiful before she looked powerful now. Actually, calling her beautiful would almost be disrespectful. She was magnificent.

"He's out."

Closing her eyes Juliet tried not to trip over her own words. "I hope he gets home safely."

"He will be a while."

Blinking a few times the young girl chuckled but stayed silent not wanting to say the wrong thing.

"I'll save you if you save me." Scarlet grabbed her coat and finished her drink.

"H-how?" She stuttered trying to lower her voice to match the woman's soft sound.

"Drive me home."

"You live down the street?"

The blue eyes that looked at her raised an eyebrow.

"But it is dangerous out here in the...suburbs so I'll drive you." Grabbing her keys and walking to the door Juliet looked up at the woman who watched her unlock the door. "You are very intimidating."

"Thank you."

Waiting for her to smile, Juliet walked out first when she didn't get her wish.


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