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With the day coming to an end and the sunset fading through her window Delilah took the time to be in her room alone to think. Folding her freshly washed shirts Delilah put them to the side and picked up another piece of clothing from her pile. Hearing her room door open she didn't look back as she felt the door close softly and nothing else. She knew who it was and she didn't bother to look back at hers

"What can I do for you mother." She sighed not wanting to have this or any conversation with her.

"What did you give Juliet?"

Freezing for a second Delilah shrugged after a few seconds and continued staring out her balcony window as she picked another shirt up. "I don't know what you mean." Folding the sleeve of the shirt in she took her time to make sure it was done right.

"Then let me explain it for you."

Turning Delilah raised an eyebrow as her mother stared as her coldly. Chuckling for a few seconds she turned back to her bed.

Looking at her up and down Scarlet leaned back on the door, "Weed doesn't make you forget."

"She had too much."

Being completely still Scarlet watched her stand up straight and smile slightly. "It doesn't work like that." Letting go of the doorknob she walked forward almost wanting to shake some since into her. "I never raised you to treat a woman like that."

"Fuck off." Delilah whispered meeting her halfway. "Don't preach to me about morals."

They stared at each other both not backing down.

"You already have dad wrapped around your fucking fingers but I won't let that happen to Juliet."

Shaking her head slightly Scarlet searched her face to see if there was any indication she didn't mean what she said, "Why is it never your dads fault?"

"Him and my mom could have been happy." Delilah took one more step forward and stared down the slightly taller woman. "But he was so fucking in love with you to have happiness."

"Don't you dare."

"What?" The dirty blonde smiled, "don't bring up my mother?"

"She didn't want you Delilah, I took you in. I raised you, I was the one who did everything for you even when you didn't want it. That's what a mother does."

Delilah waited a few seconds seeing the older woman's lips thin. "She loved dad unlike you."

"She was a whore Delilah!" Scarlet yelled grabbing her shoulders, "Don't you fucking get that? She didn't want you because the payment was done and she wanted to get high! I found you in that fucking apartment and you just can't wrap your head around that!"

Delilah shook her head and pushed her off of her. "You're not my savior."

"And I never will be." Scarlet whispered trying not to let tears leave her eyes.

Sitting down on her bed and watching her folded clothes fall off slowly the younger girl sat silently not looking back up at her mother. "If you love me then you'd let me be happy with Juliet."

Throwing her hands up and laughing she shook her head for a while after a while she wiped her mouth and shook her head. "No."

Surprised Delilah looked up and narrowed her eyes. "What?"

"Ya, no. I fucked your little girlfriend this morning and I'll probably fuck her again tonight, because for the first time I'm putting MY happiness in front of everyone else's."

"What about dad?" Delilah questioned standing up.

Scarlet tightened her jaw and stared at Her daughters confused eyes. "Fuck your dad."

Angrily Delilah flew forward and tried pushing her mother against the wall but she didn't even budge.

She grabbed her daughters shirt and pushed her back, throwing her onto the bed. "Don't ever touch me like that again." She scolded picking up the fallen shirts and throwing them onto of her. "I'm not playing this game with you anymore."

"I'll tell her mom." Delilah's voice cracked as she picked herself up and wiped her tears. "I'll have everyone rooting for me and Juliet will want nothing to do with you."

"She's not a child."

"No, but she loves her family."

Shaking her head and putting her hands into her jeans Scarlet couldn't even think of something to say. As much as she didn't want to she loved her daughter. She watched all of her first, she taught her all she knew, but she acted like she would have been happier starving on the floor of those cockroach infested apartments.

"Whatever kinky shit you two have going on is over." Delilah smiled, "One day you'll be at our wedding watching her walk down the aisle with me. And when we come visit you and dad we will have loud sex in my old bedroom. And there will be nothing you can do."

Shaking her head Scarlet decided enough was enough. She left her room slamming the door behind her and stood in the hallway for a few minutes. A simple delivery service rolled his cart down the quote corridor.

Walking down the hall and up the stairs the blonde sniffed all her tears back up as she went outside to the top deck. The night had finally set in and stars came out to the play in the wide open field that was the sky.

Leaning on the railing Scarlet thought about her life and how much of it she spent making sure everyone else was taken care of. No one ever noticed her efforts or sacrifices. They only noticed her faults.

Juliet though saw her as a person. Not someone's wife, or mother. Juliet saw someone beautiful and Scarlet could feel that every time her eyes met hers.

She wasn't going to give her up.

She wasn't going to stop fighting for her.

Feeling all these feelings that she's never felt before was scary as hell but she wasn't going to take the easy route this time.


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