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"You need to wear this dress sweetie, it really shows your curves."

Juliet took the dress with wide eyes. "Mom, Why would I need to show my curves?" Laughing awardly she took the slim dress off the hanger and held it up to examine it.

"Because you are going on a date with Delilah tonight so you need to look your best." Rummiging through her daughters suitcase she looked up at the confused girl. "Sweetie I've known you were gay since you were five. Let's not make this a big thing."

Swallowing a knot in her throat Juliet unzipped the dress and took off her own shirt. "I didn't know."

Giving a sweet smile her mother pulled her into a hug. "I don't care who you love I just want grandchildren."

Rolling her eyes Juliet slid on the dress and let her mom zip up the back. "This isn't a date."

"She's going to school to be a doctor you know." Handing over the heels her mom got out her overstuffed pink make up bag. "Her dad told me her college was paid for by scholarships so she's been saving all her money to buy a house."

"She's going to college and working?" Juliet fixed her hair carefully trying not to sound too impressed. "What kind of doctor?"

"Ob/Gyn." Looking at two different shades of lipstick she decided which one she liked better by throwing the loser back into the bag. "Ask her if she wants to have lots of kids."

Taking the lipstick and going into the bathroom to take advantage of the mirror Juliet shook her head almost violently. "This is not a date, and I'm not asking her if she wants to impregnate me with a turkey baster mother."

Ignoring her daughter the older woman put her jewelry down exasperated. "None of these necklaces match."

"It's ok, I don't need-" hearing the door slam Juliet looked out the bathroom door to see an empty room. Her eyes became wide though as she saw her mother through the mirrors reflection walk back in with a familiar blonde. Hiding back in the bathroom she blew a strand of hair out of her face and let her head hang.

"I think this one looks best don't you."

Scarlet nodded and looked Juliet up and down. "Yes, I think so."

Swallowing air Juliet stared at the woman's eyes trying to find some sort of emotion.

"Mrs. Wright is letting you borrow her necklace for the date hun."

"Date?" Scarlet smirked "With Delilah?"

"It's not a date mom." Juliet reasoned gritting her teeth.

Feeling her mother turn her around she stood still as she laid the necklace over her. Juliet looked through the mirror almost afraid but was caught off guard to see the blonde leaning her head on the door frame Smiling. She had only seen her smile twice before so she didn't know if this was a bad sign.

Looking at her watch Juliet's mother clicked her tongue and sighed, "I need to meet your father for a wine tasting."

"Mrs. Wright can help me finish up." Juliet smiled at her mom. "Go have fun."

Giving her a hug her mom squeezed her cheeks gleefully, "Don't forget to ask the important questions!"

Watching the woman leave the room Scarlet turned her eyes back onto the petite girl and raised an eyebrow.

"It's not a date."

Nodding the blonde walked into the tiny bathroom with the girl and closed the door. Leaving only a small amount of room between them.

Looking up at her Juliet realized her mouth was open slightly so she closed it tightly and fluttered her eyelashes nervously.

Grabbing the girls face in her hands Scarlett kissed her lips firmly. The space between them filled as their bodies found their way to each other.

"I told you you couldn't keep your dick soft." Juliet teased as their faces separated for air.

Letting her lip curl Scarlet bent down slightly and grabbed the girls dress from the bottom. It was so tight that she had to slowly shimy it up to the top of her hips. Once she had access Scarlet grabbed her ass roughly and squeezed as hard as she could. "You can't blame me." Moving her right hand she hugged the girl closer to her so hand could reach all the way around.

Gasping Juliet grabbed the womans shirt collar, "I have- to leave!"

Observing the red lipstick that was smudged on her face Scarlet nodded, "I won't take long." Plunging two fingers into her she caught the brunettes body as her legs almost gave out from surprise.

With one hand she pumped in and out of her forcible as the other hand held her closely in her arms and her head in her neck.

As the girls moans became uncontrollable Scarlet let her bite onto her her neck to keep herself quite. Her orgasm taking everything out of her.

The older woman pulled out and helped her to out of the bathroom quietly. Hearing nothing but the girls beating heart.

Breathing heavy Juliet fell to her knees in the hallway of the room and wiped the make up off her face with her arm. She smiled seeing her neighbor pull down her pants and get close to her.

She didn't need to be led to the point of interest but she certainly didn't mind the woman's hand Grabbing her hair and showing her what she wanted. Crawling up to get a better view Juliet Sat directly underneath the woman as she tasted the desert to her dinner.

She knew she was getting better as the blonde threw her head back and left her mouth open. "Yes baby." She moaned squatting a little lower to feel her tongue more.

Standing up more to meet her halfway Juliet grabbed the womans hips to push herself into her. She wanted to show her just how much she loved it.

All Juliet wanted was Mrs.Wright to use her.

And thats exactly what she did. Once she got closer to climaxing Scarlet grabbed the girls head and well- face fucked her.

Stepping back the older woman still looked up at the ceiling as she smiled brightly and pulled up her pants. "You may need to do your make-up again." She spoke between breathes.

Rolling her eyes Juliet got up off the floor. The carpets pattern indented into her knee. "Ya, I have to look nice for my date tonight."

Laughing Scarlet straightened her shirt and grabbed her stuff off the floor, "Have fun babe."

Using the bed as support as she watched the older woman leave the room with the shut of a door Juliet looked down at her messed up weak body. How did this keep happening? Why did she have to like it so much?


Happy pride month! <3 hope this book isn't TOO steamy for your little gay hearts ;)

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