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The secrets of Oak Hill by Blaarose
The secrets of Oak Hillby Blå rose
Selma er en 22 år gammel biologistudent. Læreren hennes er ekkel og behandler henne svært urettferdig etter at hun sa nei til å ligge med han. Klassen hennes har fått i...
Impossible love by Signeemilie
Impossible loveby Signeemilie
Hailey is just a normal pretty girl with a boring life - she thought - until a mysterious, beautiful, secretive and bad boy shows up at her school in California. All the...
Pretty Lies, Ugly Truth by thatpoemhoe
Pretty Lies, Ugly Truthby That poem bitch
This is a Poem book, ive made these poems based on my problems and what's in my mind.
A wingless dragonfly by No_longerHuman109
A wingless dragonflyby Charlie
A story that isn't like usual... A man who's fate isn't what it seems... A second chance that might not be the last...
Under vandet by -Jo_anna-
Under vandetby -Jo_anna-
Jeg er Sille, 13 lange år. Mit liv har været kedeligt og normalt ligesom alle andres. Men når jeg svømmer føler jeg mig som en anden...
And everything changed. by nutte446
And everything changed.by nutte446
This isn't your typical cliché story. No. This story is about a normal college girl named Ana Taylor with a normal life and normal friends. Or that's what she thought. U...
Theresa Fildago by chrestinahala
Theresa Fildagoby chrestinahala
Theresa...... en tonåring som dog av en bilolycka år 1998, Nu är hon tillbaka för att hämnas,
Silent creatures in the night by NotGonnaCrylol
Silent creatures in the nightby NotGonnaCrylol
In a distant future the world is in chaos. Creatures have started appearing around the world, killing and hunting man kind. How do they stop them? Will they stop them? 1...
Mystikken bag Blomsten by Bismaym
Mystikken bag Blomstenby Bisma
Den store sorte skov, er speciel. En lilla blomst. Eva er speciel.
Overnatural by axepawzz
Overnaturalby Kai
Zion, a 15 year old kid with overnatural habilities enters to a school after an accident in a summer camp. In this school teenagers with habilities like Zion's learn how...
My Mate by itsalexxis
My Mateby itsalexxis
(Description in progress, please take your time to read❤️)
Changeling Characters by TreueBerserker
Changeling Charactersby FantasyMinds
Can be used for any rp. Maybe gonna use them for a story one day
A dialouge with my subconscious by WillSensei
A dialouge with my subconsciousby Will
A sample of an idea i'm working on, please tell me what you think!
Forbidden love by seroscookies
Forbidden loveby Ran
(BOY X BOY) You can't stop the feeling called love. But the person you fell for is the worst yet most beautiful being you've ever seen? And you know that your love for h...
The unknowns by MandaPandaen
The unknownsby Amanda
Yes, i´m a human... I'm on the internet, I goes to school, I sleeps and eats, i´m like everybody else on 16... or no, i´m actually not. I'm a bit different... There's so...
Spökflickan... by skracknoveller
Spökflickan...by SKRÄCKISAR ☠✞
Prolog _________ Carrie & hennes 2 vänner, Jossan & Hanna har bestämt sig för att åka till prästgården som inte ligger långt bort ifrån där dom bor. Det sägs att en präs...
The darkest choice  by Tvduu_spicy
The darkest choice by Tvduu_spicy
It's about a girl named Tara Pierce in another storyline compared to the other stories I have. She's a longer further of the Pierce generation. She's only 17 years old...
[ Lizette ] by sandiessa
[ Lizette ]by sandiessa
Liz has always thought she was a normal 16 years old teenager, even after her parents died in a fire in their house that she herself got saved from by her childhoodfrien...
Flygt Fra Fuldmånen by WolfWriter1309
Flygt Fra Fuldmånenby WolfWriter1309
Zach er bare en normal teenager med en normal kedelig familie, eller er han? Han vågner en dag, og føler sig anderledes. Han ved ikke, hvad der er galt med ham, men fort...