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My lovely  by Kduncan01
My lovely by Kduncan01
I dread the day my master will come and buy me from this pet shop. My name is Cass short for Cassandra, my dad named me. I currently reside in a pet store but instead of...
Nightstorm by AnnaGustic
Nightstormby AnnaGustic
Book One of the Nightstorm Saga: Highest rating was #7 in Vampire. Was previously called Eclipse Born to a family of slayers, Yekatarina Nightstorm has made it her life'...
Cirque Du Freak // Daughters of Fate by Lucykins26
Cirque Du Freak // Daughters of Emily
What if the Darren Shan's Saga hadn't ended in a half-win, half-lose. What if Mr.Tiny went back in time and prevented the vampire Darren Shan from scaring off the past h...
Life in Shadows by nerdoffolklorre
Life in Shadowsby Whaaaa
This is a story about Rowan, and her insanely hot boyfriend, Dmitri, and their life as vampyrs. I ONLY UPDATE AND SUCH WHEN I FEEL MOTIVATED. please be patient.
Путь к безумию. by HiromiTyan
Путь к безумию.by HiromiTyan
После перерождения Мэри осталась совершенно одна в этом увядающем городе. Любимый брат, которого она так надеялась встретить живым, не колеблясь, забрал ее жизнь. Ее бро...
Vampyr (Carolina Andujar) by cacahuete2019
Vampyr (Carolina Andujar)by cacahuete2019
Vampyr resucita los atributos de la novela gótica de misterio, intriga, amor y venganza. Su ritmo vertiginoso hará latir tu corazón a toda prisa mientras te sumerges...
Sweet Taste Of Iron by JayHalog
Sweet Taste Of Ironby JayHalog
In a world where powers shape the course of history, where demons and angels live and influence life, where vampires and werewolves all exist. Then there's Lysandre. Ver...
OMG! Mina Vänner Monster! by AprilMaj
OMG! Mina Vänner Monster!by LillithRoseDarling
Det var en vanlig skola för Steffanie tills tre tjejer börjar i hennes klass. Alla är svart klädda och mystiska och håller gärna för sig själva. En dag under ett grupp...
Darkness Rising 1 - Chained by RossMKitson
Darkness Rising 1 - Chainedby Ross
Wild magic comes at a cost... that of the mind... Emelia dreams of escape from her life of servitude. She dreams of magical powers; she dreams of dark things. When trage...
The Helldaughter by wolfeye17
The Helldaughterby wolfeye17
Cassandra Armenen is a different type of werewolf that breaks the laws and does anything for her own sake but when her lover Nicklaus is turned into something that Cassa...
Vampyr x Reader by suspiciouswqtch
Vampyr x Readerby Lady Darkness
A bunch of Vampyr x Reader stuff . Imagines , One Shots etc. I am honestly in love with the game and the characters ; Sadly there aren't many ' x Readers ' so please enj...
Devouring Humans On The Go: A Cookbook By Ashanti Moreau by Moreauver
Devouring Humans On The Go: A Moreauver
Vampyr Cook Ashanti Moreau teaches a cooking class for the culinary deficient. She intertwines her life's experiences and her cooking ability to create the most decaden...
Immortals by nightmxre-
Immortalsby Jocelyn
You've read about the Children, now learn the past about the parents.
Gåvan by Tuvastrm
Gåvanby TuvaEllinor
Det handlade två personer när dom väl ha fyllt 16 så får dom en slags gåva. De måsta lära sig att hantera denna speciella gåva men hur? Det får du veta om du läser denna...
The Prince of the Lunar Empire by B_A_Lost
The Prince of the Lunar Empireby B. Lost
The story Of Kenneth Malcolm Holmes and his mysterious family history.
Alitheia by ClappedOne
Alitheiaby ClappedOne
Nyx is Alitheia. The only one left of a once prosperous race of truth seekers. She can not only read your mind, but your very essence too. And that makes her dangerous...