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Mysterious Creatures|| Jonathan Reid x readerish?   by JocelynThePandaLover
Mysterious Creatures|| Jonathan Jocelyn Williams
You're good friends with Lady Elizabeth Ashbury; woman of mystery. Elizabeth points you in the direction of the good Doctor Swansea for a check up; not knowing what you...
The Vampire King by vampirina249
The Vampire Kingby vampirina249
"What do you want from me?" I asked the masculine figure in front of me. I couldn't see him through the shadow that seemed to enveloped him, the only things I...
More Then Just Broken by Moonimaky
More Then Just Brokenby Ruthie1234
Book one of the 'Broken' Series Was originally called 'Broken Mate'. Normality was something Gem would never understand, for her life was anything but normal. But to h...
The Salvatore Twin by NatasjaFransiska
The Salvatore Twinby Natasja Fransiska
Daniela is the twin sister of Damon Salvatore and the older sister of Stefan. She is literally the female Damon but is more protective and loving towards Stefan than he...
Nightstorm by AnnaGustic
Nightstormby AnnaGustic
Book One of the Nightstorm Saga: Highest rating was #7 in Vampire. Was previously called Eclipse Born to a family of slayers, Yekatarina Nightstorm has made it her life'...
Beneath Our Graves by surrealbagel
Beneath Our Gravesby surreal bagel
Vampires were supposed to be something you read about in romance novels, curled up on your couch, making you feel single. They were not supposed to be something bursting...
Vampyr: The Dhampir Chronicles by AlexandraRylie
Vampyr: The Dhampir Chroniclesby Alexandra Rylie
In celebration of DONTNOD's latest game VAMPYR, this story has been written to include a new character of my own making, but hopefully in line with the story they offer...
Flock Together by __bxcktovampyrs
Flock Togetherby Skye
Spin off of Birds of A Feather After her mother's mysterious disappearance and her father's obsession with finding her Mom, Nikola Finn Mikaelson has to start her freshm...
Prisbathean Animus: The Blood War by FrancoAlex
Prisbathean Animus: The Blood Warby A. Franco
When God created the world of Prisbath, his envious siblings wished to have creatures of their own. As their warriors fought, they gave them different abilities to destr...
Sweet Taste Of Iron by JayHalog
Sweet Taste Of Ironby JayHalog
In a world where powers shape the course of history, where demons and angels live and influence life, where vampires and werewolves all exist. Then there's Lysandre. Ver...
IMMORTAL Penelope Antonio
A time where almost none of the dark old enemies lurked around in London and the Spanish Influenza had been miraculously cured by Dr. Reid,saving England from the epidem...
Ch 1 - Let's set the record straight. by LouBellz
Ch 1 - Let's set the record LouBellz
Old vampyr's known as the True Children are gathering all vampires to them, to train them for a war that could see humans become nothing more than bloodbags. This is th...
Vampyr (Carolina Andujar) by cacahuete2019
Vampyr (Carolina Andujar)by cacahuete2019
Vampyr resucita los atributos de la novela gótica de misterio, intriga, amor y venganza. Su ritmo vertiginoso hará latir tu corazón a toda prisa mientras te sumerges...
The Helldaughter by wolfeye17
The Helldaughterby wolfeye17
Cassandra Armenen is a different type of werewolf that breaks the laws and does anything for her own sake but when her lover Nicklaus is turned into something that Cassa...
Missing Heartbeat by BoxOfHorror
Missing Heartbeatby Alice Stitcher
Issac Almen was just a paramedic working for a small town at the age of 21. When a car accident turns deadly his life changes into..Immortality?
Peace of mind by n1k0pen
Peace of mindby n1k0pen
After losing his memories, everyone avoids him in the street, and never meets his eyes. They did tell him to go get cured, without him knowing what is wrong with him. W...
Tilbage til helved. by saraschmidt312
Tilbage til Sara Schmidt
Kærlighed kan være en svær ting, men når det er med en vampyr, bliver det ikke lige frem lettere. Find ud af, hvad der sker med Draco og Isabel.
Cirque Du Freak // Daughters of Fate by Lucykins26
Cirque Du Freak // Daughters of Emily
What if the Darren Shan's Saga hadn't ended in a half-win, half-lose. What if Mr.Tiny went back in time and prevented the vampire Darren Shan from scaring off the past h...