Chapter 28

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Maria remained silent and tried to control her breathing and heart rate, thankfully Avery stopped crying. The werewolves below them slowly surveyed the area and noses high and low.

A large howl was heard and scared her child away as Avery gave a loud cry.

It was definitely shit.

A strong bang was pushed to the trunk below the giant pine tree she sat. Tearing away a piece of cloth from the coat and wrapped Avery closed to her chest as she thinking on what to do.

It wouldn't be long until the tree will break and fall down. The man told her if anything happens then she'll head east.

She thought of jumping on tree and tree like what the man did but can she even do that?  Even in school activities when the teacher was measuring the distance of their leap, hers was exceptionally short.

The tree Shook and one more it'll fall down.

She kissed Avery's temple and leap on another tree.

"Fuck, thank Jesus Christ! " she blurted and sighed, looking down below to Meet the alpha's eyes in deep red rubies.

He snarled and gave a toothy grin in his lycan form. Lycans were the superiors and highest ranks of the werewolf community. He was wounded too and severely but his motivation to kill the Vernengo offspring cold blooded, clouded his mind.

She trembled and look for another tree to jump on too, Cross fingers and calling out God's name she jumped to another tree then another before almost slipping away.

She leapt again, only for her foot to be caught and wrapped in a chain. Pulling her to the ground and branding for the impact as she hold Avery.

Thug!  Her frail body fell down and landed painfully to the snow covered ground.

She coughed out blood and tried to stand up but her spine was broken. She couldn't move as she cried helplessly on the ground.

"So this is the Queen of Vampires? " the Alpha mocked and turned back to his human Form.

"The King must be nuts to crowned you Queen, look at you. Young, ignorant and innocent, such a pretty girl but..... Undoubtedly weak. " he growled as his hand grabbed her chin, slipping to her neck to strangle her. She couldn't move, her move was still healing and weak.

He grinned and lick his lips then turned back to his lycan form. His other arm stretch and clawed at her chest, pulling away her child away from her as he let her go to the ground and Avery in his hand shrieking in loud cries. 

She gasped for air as she hit the ground,  trembling as she bleeds more from her chest.

"Tonight my brothers, we shall end the Vernengo Bloodline starting with this one!  The King's son! "His voice roared as it greatly delivered to the mountains making it echoed in the valleys.

The werewolves howled in triumphed only to be disturbed when two bullets fly and shoot one of the wolves.

"Give us back the Prince now! " Sansa said in a Stern voice with her skin red and small twisted horn on her head, vile and vicious in her form.

The Alpha ran away from the scene as Sansa took his men down in Fury.

Maria coughed up blood and shivered, wanting and begging God to give her strength to stood up. When an dead werewolf laid near her, she didn't hesitate to drink up it's blood dry and revived her wounds. Staying up and walk wobbly towards where the Alpha fled.

Tumbling down, falling down as she crawl and walk back to her feet. Pushing down her system, way over pass her limit. If she hadn't been a vampire in between she could have died not a half in child birth alone. Continuing to follow the path of blood from the Alpha's arm given by Sigmund. Where could his Sigmund be?  Dead?  Heaven's please no.

Alpha Calden held a huge smirk at his face. He had his greatest enemy's son at his claws. The babe didn't stop squirming, kicking his little legs. Crying and calling out to his mother.

Tonight was a full moon and this time of the month, werewolves are in their greatest strength and moment. He stopped walking in a clearing of snow and his long sharp claws plunged into Avery's small chest. The baby coughed and slowly stopped squirming. Giving a soft whimper before tossed into the ground, catches by soft and large powerful tail. Away from the impact, it slowed it down.

It was the demon dog again from before. The dog will not die!  In fact the demon was taller than he and his warriors. He lost a lot of his men in this fight but not his men but also the Alpha's he persuaded to join him overthrown the King of Vampires.

Alpha Calden growled and charged at the large beast. They fought in great battle cries, growls, howls and Barks were heard as they both claw, bite and throw each other in the snow.

Sigmund tried to get the Alpha's attention away from the child as his mistress on the verge of death. Smelling the young master's blood driven him insane, he now failed his promised.

That day he swore to his mistress that he'll protect her child at any cost, never minding of dying cause he'll never die!

The young Queen heard the howls, cries of pain and anger in the forest. Seeing Sigmund alive battling the Alpha and her Avery.

Where's her Avery? 

Her son where?...

Maria heart's stopped as she was filled with madness and grief.

Maria sprinted up and crawled towards her baby lying coldly in the ground. Thinking if he's dead or alive from a heavy wound dug up to his small chest.

She could see his small damaged heart beating slowly and fighting the will to live. Avery was turning more paler and no longer crying but his breathing was slowing down. She bit into her hand and directing in to her newborn's mouth. Avery drank and suck her blood, little by little.

She cupped her child protectively and the world of white snow and blood turned black.

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