Chapter 21

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"You know Rieka it got me thinking, I haven't talk to Laylana for more than a month already. "

"Laylana? " Rieka asked.

"Oh my best friend in California, we became friends thanks to the internet! " said Maria in a glee out of blue for the moment.

"That's wonderful Miss D though why think of her now when everything is kinda out of place? "

"I always used to tell her every stupid or ridiculous stuff, I mean everything! To her. I kinda missed her but she never left a message nor called! " she chuckled a little then when all blue again.

"Well are you two fighting? " Rieka asked in concern.

"No everything was find until her Dad called her cause it's an emergency."

"I'm happy to say I have a cousin named Laylana too. She's lives in California, a great and beautiful werewolf too! "

"I bet she's as beautiful as you too Rieka. " Maria complemented.

"She is, Laylana Anderson daughter of an Alpha also sister to a future Alpha and cousin to a seer! Not to forget her egoistic boyfriend David!"

"Hahahaa she didn't happen to be having a over protective father and brother whose mother is the second wife of her father and died in childbirth also loves heavy metal and those 80's song right? "

"Oh crap she's that Laylana! " Rieka was utterly surprise and shock.

Maria grabbed her phone and search Laylana's picture on her phone showing it to Rieka whose face can't be drawn in confusion, surprise, scared or shocked!

"Holy $h*t! "

"Language Rieka. "

"Sorry Miss D. It's just a surprise to heard about one of my family members. " Rieka apologized.

"I never thought that I have my companion related to Laylana. "

"Destiny works in strange ways.. "

"Yeah... I wonder how long we are going to keep this up thought? "

"What milady? "

"Lying and avoiding Damian at the worst ways. "

"Well you are getting kinda fat. "

"Noo... I'm not! I am already chubby in a good way. " Maria defended which Rieka Shook her head.

"No Miss D I'm serious. "

"Can Vampires get fat? " Maria asked in worry.

"Well not exactly. "

"We really need to get of here do we? "

Both of them thought of a way to somehow get out Maria safely and deliver the child in secret. Maria was scared she heard tales of Damian's evil greed and sins. He had plenty and she only heard or learned not even a half of it. She mostly learns from Philip and Basile bragging about how powerful and dangerous Damian is when pissed off or showing off his rank and power to the supernatural world and Basile just laughed saying 'Maria if that beast cries, then your the goddamn reason behind it. '

Then it occurred to them when Czarina told them there was another ball after Maria's coronation since it was Adeena's birthday. A perfect way to seek out while Damian is stuck with the birthday girl. It is two more days before Adeena's birthday anyways

Czarina told her that Damian kept a key that opens all the doors or gates in his castle but the key is greatly hidden away by Damian. He never Let it though go and no one really knows what it looks like. Maria thought as they three brainstorm constantly rubbing her rose ring like a charm.

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