Chapter 10

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"I plan to personally give you a tour my beloved but something came up unexpectedly. " He said as we exited the limousine with me holding his hand.

"Oh.... It's alright Damian, I have Rieka to keep me company and please if you're leaving me with Philip to tour me around the place can't I have someone well... entertaining? " I grinned and have the most huge puppy eyes as we entered the huge doors, walking the tall and wide red halls.

"I agree Philip can be the most boring people I know. " he snickered and placed a kiss on my cheek.

"I'll have someone you trust enough to take you through everywhere you want in the palace. "

"Thank you so much! " giving him a choke by hugging his neck.

"Woah why ? I mean how what? How did I able to hug your neck when you're super tall than me. "

"Careful darling you're strength is growing by the minute and you need physical and mental training to control your powers." He chuckled.

"Is being emotional included? "

"Ah yes for it is your greatest source of power and it's how you affect your surroundings also today you just experience your first levitation off the ground." He explained and carefully helped me go down to the ground where I prefer safe but right now I feel light and full of bubbles?

"Okay... " not getting what he really means, all I know if I cry it affects other beings emotions to cry as well and if I'm happy then everyone around me too is feeling happy.

"Let me further enhance this conversation more. Well for starters you are my beloved, my little treasured bunny. " he tickled my tummy as I giggle and smacked his arm lightly.

Then he continued.

"Since you are my soulmate that's beloved in vampires as you know now, you are bound to me for all eternity. " he paused and gave a little chuckle.

"As long as you won't keep creeping me out Damian and we're good. "

"Says the vampire who eats and pukes everything up after eating. "

"Don't blame me! I love food and Madame Victoria makes the best there is! "

"Certainly, now since I am the King of Vampires and Lord in other kinds of creatures my powers is perceived on how I think, thought and can mentally hurt my opponents with my mind without a flick on my hand. For us high blooded vampires we have this ability to steal another beings powers just by taking a sip or drinking their blood forcibly or willingly. With you my little bunny drinking my blood and I willingly making you a vampire same time claiming you as mine by letting you drink my blood you have basically the same powers as me well most of, because who doesn't like surprises. "

"That's a lot to take in. "

"Yes it is but we're not even half through. "

"What? " he chuckled and swiftly carried me to sit at his right shoulder like I am a little cute dolly heading down to my room, he said awhile ago.

"With my powers controlled mentally, yours is controlled emotionally which are rare for vampires since we tend to conceal any form of emotion for safety reasons or quite bored of living as what you know and lower ranking vampires controlled there's physically so super strength, vision, speed but vulnerable to sunlight but you my love is a rare and genuine vampire for a King of vampires blessed you to make you as his equal. "

"Genuine hmm no one described me like that before, I'm not getting fooled by sweet enchanting voice of a vampire can manipulate right? "

"No my dolly, my amor for everything I said to you are true and as your beloved I can't manipulate you. "

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