Chapter 30

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"Look at the camera Avery! " Maria squealed in excitement after Atticus bought her some personal gifts, he sees her as a little daughter. He never had one, never given the chance but now he was somehow spoiling her. He even gave her a credit card and told her.

"This credit card is for major important needs, don't spoil Avery so much! Including you. " he chuckled and gave her the card. Atticus has a ton of investments, money, land and stuff. He lived for centuries, and even own a jewelry shop.

Avery chuckled and laughed as his mother made funny faces and played Peek-A-Boo. He later cries when he laughed so much cause it hurts his wounds badly. Atticus already explained to Maria that Avery is dying slowly as each day passes but Maria told him to never look down on her son. He's a fighter! She believes and knows he'll survive. The doctor didn't explain further knowing he'll just make the young Queen cry.

She already made a shelf of pictures, clothes, toys for Avery. Huge and small frames of Avery's face or their portraits or anything with Avery in anything she could have. Anything her baby needs! Yes she's spoiling him... He could die any moment and she doesn't want regrets but no.. He'll live!

"You're spending too much. " said Atticus in a chuckle as she was making her son play dress ups.

"No I'm not!..." She looked down.

"Okay I am spending so much... Can you teach me how to invest? I don't wanna be a burden and I am a free loader here, you're not my relative nor husband to top that off! "

He laughed, patting her head like he's her daughter and took her laptop, searching a few things and told her to study those before he'll open up an account for her to join the investment. Maria let Avery sleep as she studied or Avery sucking her blood and milk as she scroll down the page in the screen reading.

"Ow!!.. Avery don't play with mama's nipple! It hurts. " the baby wasn't hungry anymore and was just chewing her soft nipple.

"We better get you a new pacifier, you're growing well! " Avery looked like he's already six months old and still between life and death.

The baby made weird noises and was now sucking his hand. Sigmund nuzzled at Maria's side in his giant form barely fitting the other side of the room.

"Go play with Sigmund as Mama reads something okay. " she placed Avery gently on Sigmund's front with soft blankets and pillows she placed on the ground.

When she finished reading, Avery was now gone at Sigmund's stomach and the dog sleeping.

"Avery! " she screamed and check where on earth is her little baby.

She heard a soft playful laugh on Sigmund's upper neck near his forehead.

"You naughty little boy! " she laughed and climbed on top of Sigmund, taking Avery off the tall height.

"You're made mama Scared! " she teased and wiggle her nose close to her baby's too.

"Remember this... Mama loves you, very very much... And mama will forever will.. " kissing Avery's eyes.

Two weeks without problems. No Damian, no Crazy wives of his, though she heard that Adeena died from the attack.


Who could he be fucking now?

The thought made her mad but why is she crying now? Red blood tears escaped her tears as she muffled her tears and hold Avery close. Her son touched her face and wiped away her tears.

"M..... Ma.. M.. Ahh! " he spoke.

"What did you say? " she looked at him in astonishment and smiled widely like her heart how happy she was when Damian dance her the night away.

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