Chapter 8

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Dang it damn it! Why am so stupid! I just had to ask something so! That's it I hate myself for asking. There's a lot I just don't know! I don't even know what's his favorite color nor what is his favorite book?

I'm nothing but a young careless wife! Wait that's the problem I am too young to be one too. I began tapping my hands in the desk while Philip is writing something on the board.

"My lady..? "

"My la---dy? "

"Maria Amor Reyes! "

"Si le professeur Philip? " (yes professor) I replied. startledly.

" Concentrez-vous madame, nous avons trois jours pour que je vous encadre. Vous avez également essayé de ne pas embarrasser le roi avec votre ignorance!" (focus my lady we have three days for me to tutor you also tried not to embarrass the King with your ignorance! ) He replied coldly that I bolted in fear screaming help internally. He doesn't hurt me physically but mentally and emotionally I'm surprised I'm not crazy yet!

"Pardonnez-moi professeur mais si j'échoue, mon mari n'a pas choisi un bon professeur!" (forgive me teacher but if I do fail then my husband hadn't pick a great teacher!)

He growled and slammed his hands at my desk, staring his Copper glowing eyes into my gold ones when I'm mad and furious or the vampire side of me taking over.

"Vous avez de la chance que vous soyez le maître adore le reste" (you're lucky you're someone the master adores than the rest) he snarled then put down five thick books at my desk growling.

"I expect you study Manners mademoiselle it's not easy being a wife of a Great Vampire! Especially when he's the King..." He just had to bite that word in.

He left my room immediately like black smoke as I catched my breath when he left. God that was intense! I never tried answering to a teacher before! Though I did wished some of them to tripped at the stairs of my old school!

Sighing my bad mood today I opened up one the books and start reading but I couldn't.

I removed myself from the desk and walked inside the music room to ease off my mind. Who knew that for almost two months I learned a lot of lessons the one me couldn't have or can't afford too. To think I can speak French fluently now. Of course if I fail or screw up Philip will, will, add more or start talking to me in French that what in the world would I understand you. So then again I was forced and second less he's beginning to teach me Italian for Damian's sake I will.

Focusing my mind on the piano and not on planning to kill Philip as he sleep.

Playing the keys like it's a doorbell. I can't even play the piano and I don't wanna disturb my family yet since it's night hours at their place and all asleep yet me all awake and doesn't need much of sleep now.

It's sad that Damy wasn't a bunny after all but was Damian's lusty brother ugghhh I once held him with me all naked crying over.... That's so embarrassing! And the jerk God I wanna slap him but nah I did threw him into the wall.

Laylana hasn't talk to me yet after she ended the call she hadn't been online for such a long-time and I was worrying.

The piano didn't help maybe baking? No I don't bake good stuff when I'm all blue yet why am I blue? I asked to myself.

Am I jealous of Damian's previous beloved? Or I'm being lonely.

Walking along the halls I don't know where to go just wander...

Red.. ..

A drop of red blood trickled at my eye.

I'm crying but why?

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