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Bound by Fate by Kiara_vr
Bound by Fateby Kiara vR
The fate of a not so human king and a definitely human girl became entangled in a single meeting. A teenage girl from the 21st century somehow ended up lost in a forest...
The Power in my Veins✔️ by megk_03
The Power in my Veins✔️by megk_03
COMPLETED Highest Ranking: #1 in Vampire "You're not setting a foot out of here." He declared. "Watch me." I protested. He looked at me skeptic...
Queen of Witches by DeAngelisaDavis
Queen of Witchesby DeAngelisaDavis
THIS IS A MENAGE STORY, MEANING- MxFxM. TWO GUYS AND ONE GIRL. NUMBER 1 in #Kings NUMBER 12 in #vampire NUMBER 15 in #bisexual NUMBER 50 in #witches NUMBER 184 in #werew...
A Vampire's Child by JatsuChan
A Vampire's Childby Andy
If you've read A Vampire's Pet and loved that one, then you'll hopefully love this one too ^^ This is not directly a "spinoff" book, but it's featuring Colt a...
The Call Of Thalassa by BlueRose_712
The Call Of Thalassaby BlueRose_712
Book 1 of The Ocean's Secrets Series Terrifying legends surrounded the seaside village of Seaworth. Myths of brave sailors lured to their death by bloodthirsty monsters...
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED] by Jenna__Rose
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED]by JennaRose
"Stop the car." "What Naia, if I offended you in any way with our conversation I am really sorry, but we are in the middle of nowhere and I won't let you...
My Vampire Prince by Mahima_wagle
My Vampire Princeby can'tlivewithoutbooks
"Hello, are you there ?" "Yes, I am. I will always be there." "Can I ask you something?" "Sure my love." "Wh...
Beloved Savage by xDarkCrescent
Beloved Savageby Sofía
She gazed out over her land, seeking revenge for the savages that had come to her colony. He was one of them. He was an enemy. A man as mysterious as the new moon over...
Little Runt by wickedsmile77
Little Runtby wickedsmile77
Being raised in a rogue pack is horrible. When you no longer remember your name and are renamed "Little Runt" is worse. Being taken from your pack for twelve y...
What I Need... (GxG) by koreanramyum
What I Need... (GxG)by ☆彡  ★彡 N A T ☆彡  ★彡
My boss stared at me predatorily from her desk, "I'm hungry. Bring me my lunch" I shivered underneath her heated glare, "U-uh okay. What would you like f...
The Vampire Pet by thediaryofliv
The Vampire Petby Liv Clarke
Darcy Mercutio is a normal girl, she isn't afraid of anything after watching both her parents die in a car crash. One day when walking home alone in the evening she is t...
✔Beloved Enemy《决对争锋》 by Joell55
✔Beloved Enemy《决对争锋》by Joell55
Author: 水千丞 Translator: The Horny Eunuch The story of a Gentleman who was attacked by an Army Brat... Plot Summary : Gu Qing Pei is the newly appointed president of the...
The Waiting Soul by Coffeenbookz96
The Waiting Soulby Coffeenbookz96
They would come from all over the world. The tourist with their cameras and cellphones. Some had tour guides and were in larger groups, some were with just their familie...
A Vampire's Pet #1 by JatsuChan
A Vampire's Pet #1by Andy
Gwen's just waiting in disgust for the day she'll get bought by a vampire. The day she'll get a master of her own like all the other humans who have been sold. ~ The P...
Even Monsters Get Lonely by presleysangel
Even Monsters Get Lonelyby presleysangel
Shannon Winters, 23 year old human. She's tired of fighting her misery and one day just decides to give up on life. Andre' Lafoy, 533 year old vampire. He finds Shannon...
THE FORBIDDEN SAGA #Wattys2019 by author_harshi
THE FORBIDDEN SAGA #Wattys2019by Harshiiii
Highest ranking: 1 in #Manik I woke up with a jerk... startled by the hissing voice that I heard. I saw a shadow of someone standing in front of my bed. Who could it...
Kaun Mujhe Yun Pyar Karega Jaise Tu Karta Hai by Ashee91
Kaun Mujhe Yun Pyar Karega Jaise Anika khan
Pure Love.. Total fan fiction..just read and have fun..and spread positivity as hatred is every where
The Saviour  by word_addictz
The Saviour by Word Addict
This story is about the beautiful couple Sidnaaz♥️...where Sidharth is a simple Mechanic and Shehnaaz is a cute bubbly rich girl...they meet by destiny...♥️....This one...
Only for you my Beloved by presleysangel
Only for you my Belovedby presleysangel
Maxon Durwood is a vampire on the run, until he stumbles across his Beloved. Lynde Hamilton is on vacation and meets the man, or should I say vampire of her dreams. He...
Universe Of Hearts by Niqaabi_Sister
Universe Of Heartsby Jannat Bint Hafiz
Universe Of Hearts. Isaa And Mayrah. Shahveer And Thanzia. Yazan And Sayba. 3 love stories. ••••• Cheaters, Don't You Dare To Even Think Of Stealing My Works. Started on...