Chapter 23

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I did not just do that!

I did didn't I? 

Oh crap...

Philip is no longer at my side when we went inside parting ways, where he's going I don't care. Tonight was going to be my break out.

The escape butttt... Well got cancelled, Damian knows if I say no then something wrong and he'll get suspicious of why? 

The conversation with Philip is something I prayed I wouldn't get to do anymore yet I got to say lessons with Czarina especially her gossips helped me so well.

She was right, I'm afraid I have to admit it. Sexually frustration will make a man do anything which also to women too.

I just did that, to Philip of all people!  And he's even worse than Damian!  Yes, he's offering help but in exchange a child!  My child technically and his.... Oh God no... And never... Will I ever agree, but will I risk it to save the one I'm currently carrying? 

Keeping my profile and presence low at the party, while stress eating!  Who cares I'll just spit out afterwards and Czarina saw me as I nod and mind link her everything that Philip fucking knows and this is serious.

Her eyes widen as she looked at Philip in a distance and shrugged the thought. She told me that I should not asked Philip for help, thought we both knew that I needed it so bad.

Prancing and playing with my fingers while rubbing my ring for a better solution, I didn't saw Damian at the ball currently, yet.

Believing that maybe Philip played with me again, I seeked out like I could but wasn't really. If I disappear now in a mist where either Damian would appear or not at the ball then he'll know I was leaving.

It's somehow funny that I just promised to never leave him and yet I am again thinking about it, going for it. I am scare of the future to come, I don't really know Damian's true colors.

My butt shivered as I sat at the stone bench. It was like ice! 

I was now in the garden, admiring the view and beauty around me that Damian made just for me or is it to Adeena cause it's her birthday?  I don't know really what to do anymore.

In deep thought and defeat there's only one way to properly think a solution. FIRST must calm myself and the only way to achieve that is though the best method I know.


I grinned at thought, people who heard me singing said that I had a beautiful and angelic voice meant to be heard. 

I began humming away the tune at first as an introduction, I couldn't play the harp here outside cause I am already outside. Transporting in portals were tiring and Czarina told me that perhaps with me expecting. It is slowing down my transformation.

"I'll swim and sail on savage seas
With never a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you would marry me
No scorching sun nor freezing cold
Will stop me (on my journey, sorry!)
If you will promise me your heart"

"And love
And love me for eternity
My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I've no need for mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me"

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