Chapter 9

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A couple of hours passed on, maybe two or three but I have to patiently stand and wait outside the door of what my mistress or clearly King has to say!

So she's the new wife the other servants were talking about, well all they say is true like how little she is, childish, considering that she's only seventeen but looks like a thirteen year old! Can't blame her genes though but it made her outstandingly cute and different.

No wonder she was turned into a vampire when the King first saw her.

She's super adorable much of a doll! Oh yeah I heard gossips to in the staff that the King does call her bunny or Dolly that is a sweet and fitting nickname for her though my mistress is already giving up on hope on him loving her but that's not really the case the moment I saw his eyes and face towards her weeping and frail form a sight of worry and longing was seen.

I pray I won't die because of that or going back to the dungeon.

Finally the door opens and the King's golden eyes like my mistress's stare at me. Yet his gaze was full of dominance than my mistress's eyes that shine in smiles. His aura made me shiver and whimpered under him. I can feel death behind me now.

His hair was sticking out in all places maybe they had a little work-out if you know what I mean since her scent is all around him.

His collar and tie is all loosen up but there's a bit of blood so maybe she---..

"You must be my beloved Dolly's new pet? " he spoke in a vibrating tempo that makes my heart beat out the life out of life not the flattery type but the scare of crap I am now.

"Ye--yes my King. " I squeak.

"Well then I'll lift your punishment of breaking my favorite Clay pot a few days earlier if you'll gladly serve and make my Dolly happy everyday when I'm not in touch. " he said in a cold and low voice that every woman wants to hear but not now cause all I hear is a growl!

"I accept my King. "

"Good, She only acts like now when she's hungry, she can't tell when she needs blood or not and feeding Vampires forcibly can kill them too also report to me if she ever needs anything and lastly I smell you are quite valuable to your pack. "

I gulped oh shit he knows who I am now!

"A seer or a fortune teller I must say but I have no use of you cause I already have a dozen or so but I believe my Dolly should owned one. You hide off your scent pretty well." He smirked. A deathly smirk formed upon his sharp features.

Then he added.

"Be a good and loyal pet to her, she's lonely and can't seem to smile around when I'm gone. " he said sadly like it tears him apart without her but I think he's keeping her a secret knowing that this mansion was built to be unseen by the eyes of many.

"Then I advise you spend more time on her Sire. " I said smoothly there's no point hiding that I'm seer secretly cause he knows!

"Wise words Seer I'll have my servant prepare you a room near to your new mistress's room and feed her if she's hungry by blood I mean. "

Oh dear blood I Shook at that word.

Without furthermore he left until no shadow illuminates the carpet.

I knocked and went inside back to the white colored room where my new master or mistress lays in the bed sleeping, cuddly her teddy bear like a new born baby. She's snoring a little but not that irritating, must be full of blood for now though I hope she won't jump around and drink all my blood when she's hungry.

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