Chapter 26

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Beloveds aren't suppose to read minds or manipulate them. They love and care for each other, understand yet it was all just OBSESSION, DOMINANCE AND LUST there's no love in this story.

Where will I go now?  North, South, East of West?  I was walking in the thick greens of the land. Italy, it's beautiful but walking in daylight hurts so I had to take shade in the trees.

It's already morning since Damian finally released me. Czarina told me that I should walk whenever I want cause she and Basile will track me down if I ever escaped yet I didn't have too. Damian let me go as I wished to be.

Humming to myself and spotted a deer at sight, I hunted the prey and clumsily drank all the deer's blood before shredding it for the other wild animals to eat and if ever a human sees it, they'll just think a bear or wolf did this.

I was free, I was allowed to go home, I can now do what I want well some of it with a responsibility as a student and daughter but I'm now pregnant so I need help with my parents with this but I don't even know where I am today.

Continue I roamed the land and looking at the horizon, it was a beautiful sunset and I can still walk. I'm not that tired. It is almost night time, the good news as a Vampire is that beasts of creatures like animals fear our scent so they avoid us.

I sobbed at the thought, in exchange of freedom I left Rieka and Sigmund. I pray they are fine and Czarina could persuade Damian that she wants Rieka as pet so that she could help her to back to her pack but what about my little Sigmund? 

The breeze smelled different for a sudden uninvited guest has come for me. Their motives was unknown but with my senses it wasn't good and the scent of blood, magic, and lust filled the air.

"Witches... " I whispered as one appeared in front of me.

"Hello Sista! "

It was Adeena stepping out of the shadows.

"Lovely sunset we're having aren't we Princess Adeena? "

"Indeed but I'm afraid you have something I need. "

"And what is it?  If it's the crown I'm afraid I left it with Damian. Surely as the second wife he'll finally think his head well and make you Queen. " I smiled.

"Not the crown.. Your child. " she grinned as the other witches dressed in black dresses riding their flying brooms appeared surrounding me.

"It's not Damian's. " I lied. Of course it's his what will I say Basile's? 

"Like I believe that Ms. Reyes, mortal to immortal. Interesting. "

I raised my hands and vines filled with thorns wrapped immediately at the witches riding at their Broom. They were pulled back and all that's left was Adeena with her feet covered in roots trying to suck her under the ground. They screamed as thorny vines wrapped around them.

The forest lit up in fire as I ran away fast as I could. It's like twilight!  How ridiculous I'm now thinking about that!

I stopped and his for a moment digging in a in a tree trunk and placed one of my earring in it and bite my palm and cast a spell on it. If ever Basile and Czarina is looking for me or that guy who Czarina told me should be taking me back home if I ever leave the palace will come and save me!

 If ever Basile and Czarina is looking for me or that guy who Czarina told me should be taking me back home if I ever leave the palace will come and save me!

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