Chapter 22

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Yes, the little favorite dolly of my master is parading the castle with her pets, a werewolf and a demonic dog. All she lacks is with my master on a collar! 

She was meant to be a little snack for me! A young, lost innocent girl in the middle of the night. Yet Damian noticed her noises in the room even though he knew she wasn't the bride! Why didn't I even lock her up in my own room or the dungeon itself, but nooo... I just had to make a mistake of locking her in another spare room that was meant for a bride or lover that now causes a lot to me. But hell sake on that girl she turned the world upside down for me!

Me bowing down to a lowly mortal! My parents haven't been of nobility but our status and wisdom has welcomed me to a better position of a loyal dog to the Vernengo household yet the name will be stained all because of me! 

A mortal turned to an immortal!  I didn't know such thing was possible though I did heard that Master Damian did have a mortal bride before,  a princess from the Qing dynasty yet died whatever happened to her. She's not the first mortal turned to an immortal we had a lot of slaves yet I know my master turn Atticus and his wife but I haven't heard from them in a long time.

Maria Amor Reyes, God's or Blessed Love of the Kings that's what her name meant, it's kinda prosperous that she is now a blessed love of a King to a monster itself.

Lied to be Maria Amor Horton before, now literally called and known as Maria Amor Vernengo, ah Vernengo sweet words in in the old language of our kind. For it signifies, Young in Heart meaning immortality for all eternity.

As watching and stalking her moves in the Manor to the Palace. She's incredibly immature!  As expected she is seventeen, raised in a respected family. Father works in abroad as her mother an overprotective one raises, teaches and take care of four children.

Young, stupid and significally small for her age, I did research and yes the shortness and lack of height of females did run to her generations.

Filipinos are little men in truth. (Please don't kill me, I know not everyone but remember that we were treated badly during the colonization eras of our history between racism and freedom.) 

When Damian first met her, I thought she'll be devoured in a second yet he acted like she was delicate and fragile flower to be with. He did have the nerves and acted as a lustful animal he is, can't blame him. The master do as he pleases.

Time flew and he miraculously treated her like an equal, acting like a human, thinking and feeling like one.

Attachment are dangerous to us immortals. We live longer, stronger and mortals they die and wither.


I was ordered to tutor, to serve and protect her at all cost even of I didn't wanted too. I just have to to if not then she'll embarrassed my master with her actions and sayings as a ignorant mortal but thank the Darkness!  She fucking changed and behaved as I told her too but even though I messed up her mind so badly she still has her childish ways and desires intact in her.

When will she grow up?  Probably not ever or maybe I'm being too fast?  Me?  Not!  I'm the greatest servant dedicated to my King!  And as a servant, currently right now I am baby-sitting his so-called beloved and coronated Queen! 

"Rieka, is Philip still following us? " Maria whispered instead of using her mind link. Darkness help me have patience to teach this naive doll.

Rieka nodded as they continued to walk the halls.

"Philip I must informed you it's rude stalking girls. " said Maria with her little head turning around to meet my eyes of deep forest green. She was little and tiny like a walnut, her petite figure way below my chest and Damian's too.

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