Chapter 4

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I woke up again in great pain but it's all a dream right?

"None of it was a dream. Everything we did was a reality... " a voice talked inside my mind.

I bolted in fear, tingles of shame and tiredness moved along my body for which that one who answered me was beside me. Laying down all tall and buff though I haven't see his face yet.

He pushed me back to bed and hurdle me with his heavy arms and it was all well built but I'll just say he's good looking and at all but this is a joke and a dream! This is a nightmare! I've been raped and mistreated! Well I kinda wanted it but hell no I didn't just think of that!

This is so wrong! I have sinned so badly!

"Stop babbling in your mind... I need some sleep after turning you."

"What do you mean turning me? " my voice cracked in asking.

Confused and all bare in the bed sheets. I haven't slept naked in bed or any desire of losing my V until I'm married but no in this dream I'm sleeping with a vampire, I wonder how my friend would react of me telling her this dream. A total deja Vu! I smirked to myself then felt a pang of pain in my neck realizing I was bitten already and my mouth tasted like this metallic tang with spices somehow spicy and hot yet cool too. It does taste good or great but what is it.

"It's my blood" he spoke in my mind again.

He suddenly pulled my waist closer to him and my little feet a little bit under his knee from my small stature.

Oh shit shit what's happening.

I closed my eyes as he kissed my neck where he bit me last night I guess. My eyes came tearing water again yelling in my mind calling help to my mother!

"I'm tired let's sleep until the sun goes down. You won't be needing food as much but blood now. "

He told me and buried his face in my hair as I cry yet when he rubbed my back I feel at peace but that wasn't enough.

'Okay I'll just sleep then but when I woke up you won't be here anymore though so it's a win win situation. Can't believe it I just let you do that to me!'

Rapist he's a rapist I wish I had a gun to kill him. I muttered in my mind arms Cross and don't even wanna think that he's cuddling me. I feel so grossed up of myself. What did I do to deserve this? I just wanna go home now, I really do..

I woke up again for the third time and I felt lively!

I wasn't so I'm fine... I'm fine not traumatized nor manipulate. There's no sore nor pain no any pain or cramps it was a goodnight sleep and I realized that I'm still naked in bed but the good thing is that jerked isn't here!

I quick took a quick show feeling weird and sticky in between my legs. Damn him! It still feels like hell that it makes my legs tremble when I walk. I don't have any memory much about what he did but I just let him! I just let him! Cursing and stomping my foot around as I changed back to my clothes but why can't I remember any of what he did to me?

When I looked at myself in the mirror I can say that my skin looks more paler and smooth yet kinda hard. I still look the same but somethings wrong about what I think I look like. Somehow adorably charming than before.

What did he mean about changing me? And his blood? Me his wife yeah right we're not even dating or married even so he's way out of my league cause this is reality not a goddamn Rom-Com in TV.

I wipe away that thought and focus on how to escape this room. He is devilishly handsome but crave that thought, deleting it damn he's a rapist! I hope he burns in hell when he dies!

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