Chapter 19

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"Good morning my love. " Damian whispered into his Queens ear.

"Five more minutes hot stuff... "

She replied then covered her head with the sheets, mumbling about sleeping and he was a beast at bed last night.

"I think Philip would not approve tutoring a lazy Queen.

"Ah for the love of God! I hate him! " she muttered and get off the bed. Philip will be tutoring her again! And it completely sucks to be with him. He's boring and a destructive psycho!

"Don't I get my morning kiss? " he smirked.

"Your mouth smells bad as mine too! Brush your teeth first! "

"Alright, alright! " he grinned and followed her to the bathroom, smacking her buns.

"What was that for! "

"Well we're obviously both naked. " his smirk grew wider than before.

"Damian I swear if you or I don't brush our teeth or wash our bodies! No touchy..."

She grabbed her toothbrush, squeezing the tube of tooth paste and started brushing her teeth while eyes close.

"You mean no sex? "

"Language! "


"Don't think about sleeping with another lover. "

"And why would I listen to you? " he mocked.

But his mocking has made his lose her time the whole day and night as she avoided him with Philip's lesson as excused. Knowing that she took his words seriously.

He couldn't even believe it that she just walked naked around his castle out of Fury!

He could have killed anyone who seen his beloved naked and giving her a look but no one did, hopefully the servants weren't around the time she did that.

With no words to reply or an apology to think for, plus a lot of duties to fill through, the King didn't spoke to his Queen for three days.

Meanwhile in Maria's mind, she was deeply hurt. She was Queen and his wife yet he was the King and, and well... She can't control him.

She was ashamed of herself and thinking she was a fool and wasn't enough. She knew why Damian just made them lovers or wives. It was all a game since that Chinese Princess died!

She was just a second replacement.

Nothing more but second pick. Well at least she got pick, remembering her prom, only her mother's friend sons dance with her cause the two boys were commanded by their mother and when her Friend Dave danced with her after he danced with his girlfriend the music stopped!

Damian was the only one she truly loved dancing. He wasn't her first dance of a guy but a man yes, he wasn't a boy but regrettably she couldn't help thinking why on earth was she his second beloved.

She wasn't enough to fill that job. She was short, half a woman!

God she hated herself so much but she feels loved and beautiful when Damian is around but wait... Was this all a game too?

Is she a toy?

Is her crown just a lie?

She dressed herself in a golden dress that somehow resembled in the Victorian era clothing for women. She knows that she must be dressed appropriately inside the castle but she could always wear her cute clothes she called in the Sandoval Manor if she ever wanted but here.

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