Chapter 5

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Sometimes Damian would show me around the mansion and he told me later on I'll have my own room in his castle if I want to badly then I have to be with him but I'm happy here in the mansion Philip let's me wander off if needed and I've been doing well in his tutors only if I have some days with my family.

I haven't seen his room yet and he told me to never to there but I wasn't Belle who can tame a beast so I obeyed his rules and regulations he listed for me to follow.

I barely even know the guy!

We're in the music room now taking a break from my music lessons since he wanted to teach me personally for the entire day and night! I don't feel tired and I wonder why, even as I vampire I do feel sluggish sometimes.

"Damian why don't I feel bored out or sad when you're around? "

He chuckled and took a sip from his tea.

"Our bond obviously.. "

I wrinkled my nose a little and he knew what that meant. It means I don't get it!

"You feel energized and happy when I'm around cause I'm your other half. That's all. "

"Ohhh.. Another question why are you drinking tea? I thought vampires can't drink that or eat food? "

"Don't believe everything in movies bunny, I can do a lot of things as long as I have power. "

He put back his empty teacup as I stood up to refill it but properly I must handle the teapot and if I fail, I would rather not know. He has high expectations of me and I had too at myself it's like taking a test in school yeah right. Higher than my parents and my dreams.

I was about to pour in the tea when there's this little minx inside his cup.

I was shaking badly! Philip didn't told me anything on how to take out a little bunny from your husband's teacup!

He later tease up feeling my sudden nervousness. He looked at me and then to his empty cup with Damy inside!

 He looked at me and then to his empty cup with Damy inside!

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How fast did he bounce now to get in immediately. I was sure he was on Damian's shoulder awhile ago.

'Please don't poop Damy or we're both dead! That's your daddy's favorite teacup for past three hundred years....'

I bit my lip hoping Damian haven't notice yet but when I carefully wanted to pick Damy out and wash the teacup, Damian was already staring at me in a blank expression.

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