Chapter 27

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Three days has passed since that conversation and Maria was patiently waiting for Adeena to come and feed her. Those last three days were awkward no words just bite her, drink her blood and she'll leave after that.

Maria admired her work and smiled at her done task. She made baby blankets, clothes, wrote a bunch of poems as a future gift for her son when she passes away. Hoping Adeena wouldn't mind giving it to Avery when he's grown up and just say it's a gift from an old friend.

Shooking her head, believing that Adeena only values the child and there was no friendship between them maybe she'll ask Adeena as a parting wishlist she plans on.

She looked at the clock and stare at the arms that tells the time. Thinking when and many more minutes maybe before the baby came.

Tonight was the said day and its only a couple of hours away as Adeena predicted the child will be born.

But something when wrong. A loud bang came into the door and it burst open. It was Caroline in a tight black suit. Gasping in air and had blood on her.

"Maria come with me! " she shouted as Maria scrambled and held her hand.

"What's going on? " she asked as they ran more likely walk since Maria can barely move as a small giant walnut.

"Werewolves!  Damn that bastard. " Caroline muttered.

"They're coming to kill you Maria and your Avery. " said Caroline later.

"Why? " she stuttered.

"Why?  Cause of the Child is Damian's and those werewolves has a deep loathe to Damian. I'm getting you out of here and Adeena is buying us time. "

"Why if she got hurt and die? " Maria said in sadness and tears on her eyes.

"You're worry over a red headed bitch, who's taking away you're child! "

"At least I know who will look after Avery, at least.. " Maria whispered.

Caroline opened up a portal and they were now in a cabin in the middle of the woods, in the outer border of witches territory.

"Is giving birth really that painful as they said it would be? " asked Maria out in the blue.

"Yes and it hurts a lot. " said the other witch beside Caroline who was taking rest on the sofa.

"Is there anything to ease the pain? "

The witch smiled and told Maria some tricks to make the birthing more easy and lessen the pain. Her name was Sansa and she was a mother of eight!  Eight children and she looks like eighteen!  Sansa told her that she was already five hundred and forty years old. Though she didn't look like a witch to Maria but something more.

Maria and Sansa talked for a bit until Maria screamed out loudly from the pain feeling her baby slipping down to her pelvis. Strong contractions occured to her in every five to twenty minutes along a lower back pain and back pain.

After nearly an hour a reddish mucus went out following moments later her water broke.

She was crying, sweating and screaming.

There were four witches at each side of the bed with cloaks and faces hidden looking at her and Sansa at the end of her feet telling her to control her breathing and push.

She screamed as she felt her birth canal stretches and opens, her uterus contracting to push the baby out.

She pushed and pushed and cried. Shaking and sweating so badly, feeling weak and drowsy at her state. Caroline who was standing at the end of the room walked up to her and gave out her arm, gesturing Maria to feed as she push the baby out.

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