Chapter 13

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"So how was your day with King Damian my lady? " Rieka asked when it was only them left in the room.

She was kinda worried why her Mistress was so quite and gloomy just staring in the window. She didn't even mind about the puppy sometimes just watch the window or more sighing.

"It was great... Just great... "

"Ummm okay milady I can't see that King Damian gave you a demon dog and to tell you frankly they're extremely loyal to their owners. Playful and mischievous creatures so we better discipline him well. " she suggested.

"Yeah.. Later.. "

"Milady there's definitely a problem, something bad happen? "

"No nothing it was... Great.. Flowers.. Roses he bend down I thought he was going to propose but he gave me a goddamn collar instead. I'm not saying I hate Lil Sigmund. "

"Ohhh milady, he doesn't need to give you a ring! You already bare his mark..."

" I knowww but I was human once so your customs is still foreign to me. " she sadly said. Making Rieka understand, I mean thinking he'll propose but poof it was a misconception! It was funny but somehow with the mistress unhappy making everyone unhappy.

"Basile... " she whispered.

Then there he stood the King of Lust behind his sister-in-law. Hearing his name he was quickly summoned.

"So tour??? " he asked.

"Noooo just take me to the gardens for awhile, Rieka stay inside alright and Basile not a single look or touch at Rieka. "

"Yess ma'am! " he salute then chuckled, a moment later Rieka was left in the room.

Basile left her be but not without someone to protect her even if she suggested Sigmund can.

So she was left with Basile's new wife also well the last and only wife cause who would wanna go against a woman!

Basile's wife was awfully beautiful. She could be a protagonist or antagonist if she was an actress! She had soft curled blond hair. Forest colored eyes and the shade of red would definitely suit her any day!

 Forest colored eyes and the shade of red would definitely suit her any day!

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Tonight she wore a black laced dress to go along her pale reflection.

"No wonder she's yours last and favorite. " I whispered and nudged Basile's side.

He blushed and greeted his wife with the kiss cheek but later on there was a quick make out session on the lips!

"OK now darling go have fun with Maria and don't scare her off. She's a frightened little bunny! "

"Well I wasn't the one pretending to be! "

He snickered then left.

"Well I do need to hear your story on how you meet my husband. " she smiled kindly not evilly like Damian's third wife. Does she know Basile wanted to make Rieka his but his wife is even more but snapped the thought away.

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