Chapter 7

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Seems like my brother found his beloved eh?? Finally he won't go lose killing or fucking shit all day for the past three millennias. He won't care less who's dead or alive in his court even himself all because she died.

Continuing to look through his multi-coloured stain windows was pretty much boring.

And to think He went on a rampage longing and mourning. Hating himself! Of such simple tasked to protecting her, he failed regrettably.

Drinking off a heavy shot of vodka at my lips. Man this drink burns my throat more than I expected!

I should welcome my new sister-in-law in party.... Hmm yes a party! Banquets always get us along, I hope but I'm not minding about the food just thinking of how my wife would dressed up seductively making me hungry all evening.

"Basile my my my how on earth did you managed to sneak inside my humble home for my new wife. " he had furious eyes burning in rage. The same brother yet different for now was standing at the door slowly walking towards me.

"Why easy dress up as a bunny! " I smirked and he went all vicious and cunning... Or what you call it somehow the Devil!

"Basile you may be the King of Lust but never lay hands or even a finger! ON WHAT'S MINE! "

Grabbing my collar and pinning me on the wall. Man he has some serious walls here, considering on thick they are almost impenetrable!

Can't I just have fun? Not my fault being a douche of seriousness every minute.

"So is her touching me an excuse? " I smirked.

He further pushed me on the wall until my neck when all purple and bleeding out from his sharp Claws! And mind to tell you it feels like shit!

"DAMY! " she exaggerated.

Then he stopped....

"Damian why are you hurting Damy!?? "

Great she's now crying... Again first she accidentally crushed me almost to death then healed me but I like my new sister in law she looks at Damian not as monster nor about his power but love... True she still doesn't trust him completely and is still scared of him but at least she could control him, I can't even tell him to stop!

"You knew!!! " Damian answered and let me go. My butt landed out painfully in the ground as she went near me, hugging me and patting my hair.

Well this is weird.

"How could you Damian? " she whispered as I breathed in and out. Did he really have to rip my throat out. I mean I'm the King of Lust but I'm not stealing away Maria for goodness sake!

"Well he kinda accidentally transformed back when I was giving him a bath after I feed from you.... Of course! I was shocked pretty bad considering the fact it's my second time seeing another naked man unexpectedly that I almost killed him again.. Sorry Sir.." she said shyly... "I'm sorry for not telling you Damian cause I thought you knew.. Somehow.. " she was in distress and babble about it like the guy who bits on antique stuff on sale.

He sighed and told her to come his side. I stood up and readjusted my collar removing the blood and all dashing now.


Stupid Bastard showing his face in here!

He may have almost the same features as me but he's smaller than me in comparison.

He inherited the same jet black hair from father yet his eyes are baby blues from his mother, pale white pearly skin and a good jawline but everyone knows I am the most handsome one in the family.

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