Chapter 24

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When the gate closed Maria found herself back at Damian's room with a tall dark figure at the corner.

Two gold orbs looking at her, deadly, sinfully, angrily...

She didn't even tried to hide that she was shaking tremendously.

"Where's Rieka?  Sigmund?  Are they okay? " she stuttered while clutching her teddy bear closely to her chest.

"You're more worried for your pets? " his voice so dark and low it made the room vibrate.

"They are not my pets, they are family and take care of each other-"

"And you're leaving one behind! " he roared and stood up, crouching down with scales on his body everywhere and puffing smoke out of his nostrils. He was twice his size almost that's larger, his muscles throbbing in power and his legs had a different form like legs of a dragon it was filled with strong and impenetrable black scales. His hands had claws and black patches of scales growing everywhere on his form. His face, oh his face was tremendous horrifying to her,  it was cracking, breaking like his face was made of stone. Tensing up so alone and scared.

She shivered and looked down

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She shivered and looked down.

"Look at you pathetic mortal! " he spoke in deep vibrato.

She could take Philip's insults just not his, just not Damian.. Please.. She cried silently biting her lower lip.

"You gave me your word!  Your oath!  Your BLOOD!!!  and I gave you my trust!! My Time!  You insolent slut! " he raised his arm and like a hurricane it hit her so badly that the impact on her cheek made her cough up blood. Feeling the pain at her teeth, if she wasn't a vampire she's dead by that hit alone.

She never spoke a word to defend herself as Damian stalked at her small frame like a hungry beast ready to killed her.

He cherished and adored her, wanting another chance to live!  But she's making everything so difficult! 

First she wants to leave then stay then leave then stay??!!  He's awfully confused and hurt!  She was leaving him. She was going to leave him!  He didn't want her to leave!  He wanted Her all for himself if he could! 

Taking away what she valued the most that belongs to her, something she treasured so dearly as a child he grabbed away her teddy bear and pushed her to the ground as he tear the stuffie apart.

"No!.. No.. Damian please give it back! " she screamed and cried.


She Shook there below him with BLOOD tears pouring down her face. Why must she leave?  Isn't she contented?  If Adeena didn't tell him what she foresee awhile ago then he would have lost his Queen. His little doll.

He knew his pin was missing yet couldn't believe it that Maria took it away from him. Why was she leaving him?  Why?? 

She was a crying mess no longer silent she mourns over a tore teddy bear she once called Granny.

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