Chapter 11

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"Here we have our classical and full of blood history! " he exclaimed as Maria hold her laugh with Basile showing her all memos, books, paintings, sculpture of previous vampire monarchs, any architecture or artifacts preserved.

Rieka followed her mistress along as the King of Lust showed her sister-in-law around.

"Here we have the courtyard that extends to the gardens! "

"Oh must be bigger than in the mansion I guess? "

"Oh yes but there's only a slight problem. "He chuckled with a toothy grin.

"And what is that Lord Basile? " she mocked.

"You wouldn't find another white fluffy bunny as me in there! " he scoffed then grinned.

"Hahhaaahha you do make me laugh my good Lord but seriously I think I can't catch up with your sense of humor if I lost breath! "

"Why yes but my dear sister-in-law you haven't introduced me to you're beautiful pet. " he said.

"Ahhh I was hoping your eyes wouldn't catch her, please don't try to make her sleep in your bed it would make me happy. " she told him.

"Ohhhh well I can do that for now.. " he shrugged and tucked his hands in his pockets.

Rieka shrugged as the King's brother tore his gaze from her.

"Seriously Basile must you sleep with every woman you see? " she exclaimed.

"Well I wasn't expecting my dear sweet Maria to be jealous? " he grinned and pinched her cheek.

"I'm not jealous but I am hungry. " she pouted and was staring at Basile's slight show of skin at his neck.

"Ohhhh well thank heavens we have Rieka here. " shaking his hands and turned his little sister-in-law body to look at Rieka bowing her head in submit.

"Yeahhh right well not that! I want a rich dough donut filled with vanilla cream! "

"Eisshhh so childish Maria. " he chuckled and snapped his fingers they were in the kitchen.

"I really need to learn that! " she grinned.

"Definitely and I can teach you some magic stuff while Damian is busy. "

Right after saying that he disappeared into black smoke and Maria faced Rieka.

"Thanked God I learned how to lie without being detected now. "

"It would seem so milady. " Rieka smiled at least the Vampire King's brother wouldn't stare at her anymore.

"Let's eat shall we, I can feel your rumbling belly ready to devour! "

"Yes Miss D. " Rieka smiled.

After eating the two maidens continued to take their tour on the castle until night falls Rieka was provided with her own room near her mistress's.

Maria wasn't feeling sleepy and with her attending a ball being ready for her means that Philip wouldn't be there to tutor her for he was left in the Manor to take control as she and Damian are in his castle but she did felt lonely. Damian promised he'll be back at night for her, nothing to do anymore perhaps talk or in hotter moments drinking each others blood.

She flushed at her thoughts Damian did said he'll shake her legs off until she can't walk. Oh dear this is bad!

Still she waited at her room for an hour more but no knock was heard so she left and headed towards Damian's room but wait she thought for a moment.

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