Pride And Joy (fluff)

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Fifth part, hope you guys enjoy xxx
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Reginald Hargreeves pov

"I have adopted seven such children, I present to you, the Umbrella Academy!" The media were already beginning to get on my nerves, however, publicity was important.

I turned around and nod to the children. Number Eight understood my facial expression, grabbing Number Six and Number Five's hands, pulling them after her.

The other four children realised they were alone and quickly chased after them. The children were all incredibly powerful and important, but none of them could beat Number Eight.

When she was on missions, she was far too cunning and serious to be a thirteen year old. She could plan an escape or even a robbery perfectly. I cared about all the children in my own ways.

I felt guilt for many of the things I had done to them, locking Number Seven away, making her feel normal. Keeping Number Four in a mausoleum to learn control. Causing Number Five to feel he was not ready. I never even gave them names.

I felt worse about poor Number Eight. Her parents were the easiest to persuade, simply wanting rid of her. Even though the woman that gave birth to her was married and happy with two children already.

I was confused until I saw what they were talking about. Her eyes changed colour from their regular (e/c) hue to reflect her emotion. When she was upset they were a sad, raindrop blue. When cheerful, they were a bright, petal pink. When in anger, they were a harsh, dark red, like the violent lava or furious flame.

However, there was one colour that could woo over anybody. She only showed that colour to Number Five. The colour of true love. Number Five knew exactly what it meant, he loved her back unconditionally.

Number Eight was the pride and joy of my Umbrella Academy. She could make anybody smile. Her powers were extraordinary.

Imagine lighting a candle with your fingertips. Nourishing a plant with the palm of your hand. Causing a tornado with the flick of your wrist. Moving water supplies with a blink of an eye.

Controlling elements was never something I thought one of the children would possess. Nobody knew the full extent of her powers, not even me.


I had followed the children home and into the house. Training was over for today, they had free time until dinner was served at precisely five thirty in the evening.

"Free time til dinner," I spoke gruffly to the children, watching their eyes light up in excitement. Noting down that when excited, Number Eight's eyes changed to a fiery orange colour, a colour often associated with anxiety. Both seemed to go well together.

Number Five grabbed Number Eight's hand in his and dragged her toward her room. I had never seen Number Five more relaxed than he was when with her.

Five's pov

I smiled gratefully towards the old man, I was now able to enjoy time with my (y/n). I grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs, each of us waving 'hello' to mom as we passed her.

Her room was beautiful, although very few of us have been in there. Her room looked as though it were a cabin in the woods, wood which could last in case her powers got out of control.

A brick fireplace sat in the corner and (y/n) walked over. She knelt in front of the grate and placed her hand out in front of her, as if blowing a kiss. She gently breathed towards her hand and a calm yellow-orange flame was produced in the fire. Looking like little pools of amber reflected in her (e/c) eyes.

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