Plant Love (fluff/slight mature)

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THERE WILL BE MAKEOUT IN THIS CHAPTER. Thank you guys for over 1.5k reads, you have no idea how happy I am! Enjoy this chapter xxx
In this chapter, you'll basically be Poison Ivy but not evil...

(y/n) pov

I had never been confident with the idea of human interaction. I know that I'm not normal, I look normal, I sound normal, but I'm not. I had never felt comfortable with the idea of friends because they wouldn't understand my power.

Whenever I walked to school, the plants would follow me. I would be walking and the ivy would crawl up my legs and arms. Daisies and buttercups would grow where my feet stepped.

My mother always told me to try and hide my powers because people would hurt me if they saw what I could do. What I never told her was that I practiced using my powers every day.

I could grow incredibly rare flowers and control the climate and conditions to grow them in. Beautiful flowers like Thelymitra ixiodies, Dendrophylax lindenii and Strongylodon macrobotrys.

Incredibly rare but beautiful flowers that had to be grown in intense climates. Each flower has a different climate in which they need to grow. I could simulate each individual climate by creating a purple-green orb around the plant, each containing a different temperature and weather.

My greenhouse was definitely something to behold, completely filled with trees and plants, my rare plants that would be worth a fortune.

Mother let me keep the plants that I grew and had already discovered my 'secret' greenhouse. My greenhouse was my safe haven. Nobody knew about my haven.

I was recently pulled out of school because I may have caused an accident with some of the other student. Mother still says that my reasoning for this incident was ridiculous.



nce again, the vines and ivy were creeping up my legs on the way to school, you could clearly see them because I was wearing shorts and a tank top, my hoodie was tied around my waist, my arms and legs were exposed.

The ivy wasn't at all painful, if anything, it gave me comfort knowing that I always had plants to keep me safe if need be. Mother knew nothing about me practising my power, of course she would find out soon.

Once I'd gotten to school, the day was passing fairly quickly, it wasn't until lunch when the problems arose. I had walked out to the forest to eat. As much as I loved plants, vegetables wasn't all I ate.

I was just eating when I felt my stomach begin to burn. I yelped in pain and jolted to my feet. The I felt slashes on my stomach, arms and legs. Lifting up my shirt I saw pools of blood start to form on my clothing and across my skin.

This had never happened before and as far as I knew, I hadn't been cut by anything before. The pain was agonising! What the hell was going on!?

I ran towards the creek in the forest, well, more like I stumbled. In the clearing, the creek was like bright crystals under the glaring sun above us.

By 'us', I'm referring to me as well as the three boys who were in my class, who were maliciously cutting and burning a two-hundred year old oak tree. Was this what was hurting me?

It had never happened before but it wasn't out of the question. I sometimes flinch when I see somebody stepping on a daisy, I didn't realise it actually caused me pain.

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