Requests... Again (please read)

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Hi you guys! I'm so so sorry about not updating in a while, I've been really caught up with college and studying and stuff. I have also been writing one shots for my DeviantArt (SnowdropLuck204) and I am working on a fanfiction Tumblr account. Being restricted to just Five as a character to write about has been difficult. My issue is that there are only so many ideas I can come up with that work with Five's character.

Here's the main reason I am making this update. I would love some more requests from you guys, but I do have a few conditions.

Conditions for Requests:

1. I tend to only write fluff pieces, there are few reasons I will write angst chapters because they make me sad! I don't like death, or break-ups, or cheating, so please don't ask me to write them.

2. I do not write request chapters and change the main character. Meaning that ALL of my chapters are going to be x reader chapters. One of my fanfiction pet peeves is a story listed as 'x reader' with an OC main character.

3. Please know that I will still make my own original chapters and ideas, but I would NEVER take one of your ideas as my own.

Thank you guys, I don't want to disappoint anyone. My book means a lot to me, especially now I have reached the 50k reads milestone. I love my book and my readers, but my main dream of being a zoologist comes first. 

Thanks again and please message me your requests RATHER than commenting. It just makes them easier to find.

Love you guys xxx

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