Black Widow part two (badass)

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You guys wanted a part two and I personally don't think my part twos are as good as the original but, this is for you guys, my birthday countdown and special oneshot in seven days. This is directly after the last one. Enjoy xxxx


Five pov

I felt like a bit of a creep watching her for this long. The Handler had already left the office and yet I was still sat in here drooling over the girl I had just met minutes ago. (y/n) had sweat dripping down her face and I couldn't help the tingling feeling. She attacked viciously, its like she was born to be a fighter.

One of the administrators came into the office, carrying the coffee I had asked for, "What information do you have on (y/n)?" I asked, my voice stern and emotionless, I would never show emotion around this company. Maybe around (y/n).

The administrator, her nametag read Jane (a/n feel free to change it), looked at me in surprise, "(y/n)?" She asked timidly, either she was afraid of me, The Handler, or (y/n). I nodded, huffing exasperated already.

"That is what I said, wasn't it?" I replied, god, this is why you should do everything yourself. Other human beings were a waste of time. She definitely wasn't nervous around me, probably hearing of my reputation, yet knowing that I wasn't entirely murderous.

Jane nodded and rushed to the next room over, running back with a file reading 'classified' and 'dangerous'. That can't be right. She handed me the file and left the coffee next to me on a crystal coaster. I sighed, The Handler could never live rough, or even normal for that matter.

Anyway, I took a sip of my coffee, wincing at the bitterness, I'm never gonna get a decent cup of coffee. Pushing the mug away from me, purposefully leaving the mug on the desk without the coaster, I pulled the folder to me, it was pretty thick and had multiple sections in it.

I opened the thick folder cover and see a picture of (y/n) and a group of people next to her. Along with these pictures, there was a profile listed underneath.

Name: (y/n) (m/n) (l/n)

Age: 13

Family: Grandfather (82), Grandmother (80), Mother (42), Brothers (25, 23, 20, 17, 15 11, 2 months).

That was the first page, family and facts. Big family, christ, bigger than mine. As far as I knew, (y/n) was an only child. I felt pretty confused.

I flipped swiftly to the next page, this had pictures of the family and information on all of her brothers. Apparently they were survivors of the apocalypse and were so escapees from The Commission.

No wonder this binder was so thick. Half of the folder was stupid information on (y/n)'s brothers. Like how Lee liked orange juice and called it OJ frequently. Or how Aiden always played video games like Minecraft. A game that was supposedly really old now.

This was all useless, I flipped through the pages, I probably skipped a lot of stuff but I didn't need to know anything about her family unless it's important.

I turned to a page listed 'Utmost Importance', this seems right. Finally.

When I looked over the page I couldn't believe what I was reading. (y/n)'s mom was an experiment. Done by The Commission.

(m/n) (l/n) was twenty three when she was first brought to The Commission, stolen away from her father and mother and one of the only people to have survived the original apocalypse.

(m/n) wasn't experimented on until the age of twenty seven, two years before she would've had (y/n). For a good four years she was used as an assassin for The Commission. One of the best actually.

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